Lexis Makiah unveils her debut single “Big Fan“—stream HERE. The track is a braggadocious display from the rapper, who is in the midst of proving to her doubters why she belongs to be in the conversation. Makiah’s looks are clean all the way around. From the cover art, press photos to her awesome YouTube videos.

As she continues to rise to new heights in the rap game, “Big Fan” is an unapologetic anthem that came paired with a bass-heaving beat to match its energy. “Once I get him, he won’t want to go back to the streets,” she raps. “How I’m 21 and running circles like a relay? I don’t love him, but he doing whatever I say”. She is a dope contender for hottest in her area. Her influences are clear, and she is finding a way to make it known how dope she is.

Through her songs, Lexis aims to give women confidence and encouragement to have fun. More to come from the Georgia-based influencer and rapper in 2021. There will be a foot on the gas for the rest of the year. If you like this, you will love her future output.

Check out the new festive banger from Lexis Makiah here today!

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