Legendary $ilk drops a new track, “I’m The Shit” featuring JohnnyBaeBTW!

Legendary $ilk hits our page with a new record, “I’m The Shit” featuring JohnnyBaeBTW and produced by Los. Residing in Atlanta, $ilk introduces his flow and upper echelon style to the world with this fairly new track. As the song goes on, both $ilk and Johnny come into their own with witty wordplay and easter eggs planted throughout the record. I hope to hear more gems from Legendary $ilk like this song today.

Can we expect more from $ilk and his team? I’m confident that it’s a yes on that and we aren’t far away from more records. As $ilk progresses and gets better, the music will only get that much better. I’m excited to see what this talented artist and his camp have in store. Be on the lookout for more music from Legendary $ilk and in the meantime, check out his latest record!

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