“Leave the Door Open” To A Great Return

Leave the Door Open marks Bruno Mars return to music after a brief hiatus. He taps fellow GRAMMY award winner Anderson .Paak and Sonic Silk for the single. The track itself is a perfect mixture of Bruno’s belting vocals, Andy’s groovy raspy hooks, and Sonic’s intricate melodies.

Bruno’s latest music venture is a love ode to a woman he is trying to seduce. The premise is simple but it’s very well executed. If you take the jazz feel of the 70s and mix it with the 90s, you get this song. Very well done and I’m glad to see Bruno Mars is still making music.

To add to the new audio is a nostalgically shot music video. Capturing the tone of the single, the visual has the artists dressed up in a amazing soul train themed environment; which put viewers in a atmosphere of the 70s era.

Add in hearing Anderson’s raspy vocals and Bruno’s humming when it first comes on, it’s really cinematic. Sonic Silk’s harmonies make the video watchable to the eyes like butter on toast; if that makes sense!

Does it latest release “Leave The Door” open for more music from Bruno Mars? The people and us hope so! However, in the meantime you can watch the video on YouTube and stream the single on all DSPs.

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