Latest Album From DRE-SKI “For What It’s Worth” Charts At #32 On iTunes Album Charts

DRE-SKI is back in his bag with his latest album “For What It’s Worth!” This album shows more of a personal side, giving his fans a more authentic side of himself. His purpose of this album was to challenge himself musically while still staying true to who he is. The album was such a hit it drove his fans to get it charted on iTunes album charts at #32! It is safe to say that DRE-SKI is an independent, groundbreaking artist who is dedicated to say the least. His hard work and dedication is paying off for him! In an interview with him, he got personal about his passions, motivations, and upcoming projects. 

Always dreaming and being a true hustler is something that always keeps him going, especially when he first began making music as a teenager. Always quoting his favorite movie, ‘Paid In Full’, when the character Money Mitch says, “A n*gga like me man, I love the game. I love the hustle.” DRE-SKI jokes that “it’s not always about the money, but it’s always about the money.” 

Dre-Ski has gained recognition from Forbes, iHeartRadio and has even earned a spot on Billboard’s Hip-Hop in February 2022!

“It felt amazing! I mean it honestly felt surreal. Getting recognition is one of the best feelings as an artist because we put so much time into our craft” he said. Because of this, so many music doors have opened for him including a distribution deal that is currently in the works and some more high-level interviews with various iHeartRadio stations.

His recent single and visual, “Not In the Mood,” doubles as an introduction and a debut for his latest album, “For What It’s Worth,” which shows his creativity and range as not only an artist but as an individual. Being inspired by countless tumultuous feelings towards people or situations in his life, he wants people to know that he no longer wants to deal with any level of BS or messiness. By working with his videographer, “Virtue The Artist”, who has helped produce video content for him for the last six years, visuals and artistic direction were captured perfectly.  

Make sure to check out “For What It’s Worth” on September 2nd and show Dre-Ski’s music some serious love! 

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