Las Vegas Singer, Onmywayve Drops Off His New EP

Hailing from East Las Vegas is a badge of honor in the city. While to some people, it may be perceived as ghetto or undesirable, to the residents, it’s home. As of late, a surge of creativity has came from the region with guys like Leanin’ Lo finally beginning to breakthrough. Looking to be next up, native singer, Onmywayve drops off his new self-titled project.

Clocking in at 7-tracks, the whole project was produced by Wayve himself. With two of the songs being purposely left without vocals, I thought the structure of the project was creative, and conducive in displaying his different abilities. As for the vocal tracks, Wayve ambitiously attempts to expand his vocal range, which at first needed work, but found it’s place by the end of the project.

In short, Onmywayve is unquestionably a talented producer, one of the best in Las Vegas. While his vocals may not be on par with that quite yet, I get a sense that the Eastside native isn’t far away from vastly improving that, either. Press play on the project, below.

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