Las Vegas Rapper, 88N8 Shares His Surprise EP, ‘Blood Moon’

Surprise drops are my favorite. I used to be among the crowd that thought you needed weeks of promo prior to every album, but not always. Sometimes, the promo can come after you drop the world on our fuckin’ heads. Take a page from Vegas native, 88N8, who just dropped a silky smooth EP called, Blood Moon out of thin air.

Released as a Valentine’s Day exclusive, the content of Blood Moon is fairly obvious on the surface when you look at the tracklist. “Chanel Drip,” is essentially about buying your shorty whatever, just to make her feel fly. “Marathon,” is a pop-centric song that’s about going the distance in the bedroom, and, “Die 4U” isn’t that off-track from what the tittle suggests.

The genius, though, is in the crafting of the records. Normally a conscious rapper, with a flair of trap, 88N8 explores a whole new territory on Blood Moon, and while he may not be the leader of the tribe, they sure did welcome him with warm arms. 88N8’s infectious abilities to croon throughout records should definitely be one he challenges himself to apply on some of his next releases.

Press play on, Blood Moon below and get familiar with Vegas.

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