Las Vegas Partyboy, Christian Kuya Slows It Down For His Ambient New Single

International artists in Hip-Hop excite me 10/10 times. Despite what anybody says about preserving the genre, the fact that a form of entertainment that started out as an escape for troubled teens in NYC has branched out to places like Manilla is remarkable. One of those kids that it reached was Christian Kuya, who moved to Las Vegas and carved out a career of his own, as he drops his new single, “Don’t Dubb”.

Set to the theme of calling a few options at the beginning of the night, in order to ensure no possibility of loneliness, Kuya proves that his songwriting prowess is as clever as anybody else’s. By touching on a familiar topic and spinning it over the brilliant production from Xavi, “Don’t Dubb” has the potential to be a playlist darling, forcing fans all over to replay the infectious single, driving its numbers a bit higher.

With a video sure to follow soon, it would be wise to keep an eye on Christian Kuya now, as opposed to later. Listen to his new track below.

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