LA’s Kahlil Simplis gets real in latest EP ‘In Real Life’ 

Oct. 8, 2022] — LA based hip-hop artist Kahlil Simplis impresses in his latest offering, 8-track EP – In Real Life. Throughout the new project, Simplis showcases more depth in his lyrics and gets vulnerable in a way listeners have not seen before from him.

Following the release of his lead single “Say Less,” in Simplis fashion, the poignant emcee is taking real life experiences and delivering them over a range of atmospheric and ambient beat choices that elevate his lyricism. Holding the digital world at ransom throughout the EP, Simplis details how he is too busy being “himself” in real life and not on the trappings of social media as many would opt.

“The message behind this project is essentially to just focus on the things that matter in real life,” the artist explained.

In Real Life is a diary-like project of the journey that Simplis has been on the past two years, and shares his actual state of mind of living life in reality, as opposed to sharing everything he’s up to on social media.

Returning literally a year after his last EP Safehouse Vol.1, he reveals that the project is honed in on a range of relatable topics such as family, purpose, relationships and accentuates his personal growth as an artist and a person.

“I became more comfortable with saying what I really want to on this project and with being on the come up, I’m still testing what sound people love most from me,” he said. “Don’t feel I can box myself in.”

In between the two projects, the lyricist has been atop his form as always frequently releasing music, and this paid off when his single “All The Way” was synced into PowerBook 2: Ghost among gaining more attention and press for his craft as his star was starting to shine more visibly. 

His candid songwriting, ear for selecting beats, and heightened sense for stellar production is mirrored throughout the project. 

Check it out below:

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