Lady London Tops The Charts With New ‘Lady Like: The Boss Tape’ Release

The Aristotle of Bravado is back with her first project of 2022! For fans worldwide, this is the London Train we’ve all been waiting for! For the first time ever, Hip-Hop heavyweight femcee, Lady London has released full versions of some of our favorite freestyles! Since her debut, Lady London is known for hopping on a beat and lyrically slaughtering any production given to her. As a result, she quickly broke the internet by showcasing some of her hard-hitting top of the dome drop offs. 

Freestyle Frenzy 

Her potent freestyles quickly gained rave reviews from new fans, garnering millions of views and engagements while receiving co-signs from everyone from Nas and Timbaland to Diddy and Swizz Beatz. Although most of the tracks on today’s feature project were teased with one-minute clips on social media, each freestyle now stands tall in completion with added verses to make a complete studio project.

Lady London’s Highly Anticipated Lady Like: The Boss Tape Is Here! 

Her highly anticipated project, Lady Like: The Boss Tape, dropped to all streaming platforms on January 13th, 2022. Her chart-topping mixtape is made up of 13 of her most celebrated and notable freestyles. Additionally, as previously mentioned — each freestyle contains added verses to make for complete tracks. She served up the new tape as Lady’s “Lady Londays” freestyles which grew to acclaim on social media as she cleverly flipped and remixed some of Hip Hop’s most revered tracks.

From start to finish, the project is no-skip necessary. In fact, it opens up with the raw, poetically infused “Viral” before she brings a fresh, next level vibe on Busta Rhymes “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See”. Additionally the trendy track focuses on her East Coast roots, exemplifying why she’s earned the reputation of being one of the dopest lyricists in the game across the board now. “Long Live Shamello” is also a tribute to hit-making producer Darrol “Shamello” Durant. 

Tracks including “Yikes”, “Lemon Pepper,Wet”, “Lady What, Lady Who” and all the others in between bring captivating cadences, vivacious vibes, and lethal lyricism. Furthermore, she brings new sounds with some hot new hits on the project like “All I See” and “Reciprocity” that had never been heard before. Lady wraps her gift with a bow on “Lisa’s Story” as she takes on the classic “Get Me Home” by Foxy Brown unleashing a new-age New York love story with a twist. 

The Top Charting “Boss Tape”

Less than 48 hours after its release, Lady London’s “Lady Like: The Boss Tape” breaks into iTunes’ Top 10 Rap and Hip-Hop album charts. As the fresh new project holds it down on the charts, it continues to take off! 

Now, London unveils her most recent masterpiece,   “Lady Like: The Boss Tape” to set the tone for the year. Her release serves as both an official introduction as well as a graceful conclusion to the New Jersey/New York artist’s well-received era.

“I Kant Make This Sh*t Up” 

The fresh new release comes on the heels of Lady’s recent collaboration on “I Kant Make This Sh*t Up” with Relle Laurent. Although the new year just kicked off, Lady London is already keeping her heels on the industry’s neck. With no signs of letting up anytime soon, these back to back bangers are only the teasers for the Lady London 2022 takeover. It’s only right for her to step up and dominate the game in a “Lady Like” manner… Her time is well overdue! 

There’s no doubt that Lady London is a modern day renaissance woman with astounding strides as a rapper, lyricist, songwriter, poet, published author, and more for the Hip Hop culture and beyond. 

Last year, the multicultural Trinidadian/ Jamaican-American artist released two standalone singles: a Reggae/ Hip Hop infused mashup with “Money Over,” and “Never,” an introspective Hip Hop ballad that is her most personal record to date.

What’s Next? 

With that being said, stay tuned for more news on Jersey’s hottest female spitter, Lady London! As her popularity continues to grow, the evolution and process within her artistry and all things Lady London is a beautiful sight to see. First, take a look at the full tracklist before streaming on your preferred DSP. Now, press play! Lastly, let us know what you think here at KAZI Magazine

Lady Like: The Boss Tape Tracklist

1. Viral

2. Long Live Shamello

3. Yikes

4. Lemon Pepper, Wet

5. Lady What, Lady Who?

6. All I See

7. Black Love

8. Buss It/Ski

9. Welcome To The Party

10. You’re Still Mine ft. Makaela

11. Reciprocity

12. Girl Like Me

13. Lisa’s Story ft. Dub Aura





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