Lady London Returns To Tell The Story “Never” Told

The Aristotle Of Bravado has a story to tell and who do you know that’s lyrically that? Riddle me that… 

If you’ve been staying tuned with the rise of women within the rap game, then most likely you’ve heard of the industry’s latest lethal lyricist. Ripping and running through the industry with dope bars and metaphoric flows is none other than heavy spitter, Lady London.

Born to the birth name, Zaire, meaning river, London’s wordplay flows like water. From coast to coast her rhymes are like a breath of fresh air as she navigates through Los Angeles with New York flavor. 

Now at 26, on June 25th, she drops off a birthday present for fans with more new music titled, “Never”. In celebration of the femcee’s birthday and single release, the new track comes paired with an even more inspiring visual. 

Lady London Is Here To Tell The Story She “Never” Told

Her Nigel Uno-produced single comes as a therapeutic release for the New York-born, New Jersey-raised rapper. She recounts the numerous tribulations she’s faced that have shaped her into the resilient woman she is today. Her most recent release comes as a revelation. Each and every rhyme holds such power while speaking volumes. On the record she raps about her truth — her journey within this vicious industry, the horrors of social media notoriety, and even past relationships. She eloquently intertwines the truths of her life within four minutes. 

London dives deep on this record. Although it may not be a track to spin in the club or bump at a cookout, it really gives insight on why the caged bird sings…. She touches on the extortion, lost opportunities and a point in time when she almost lost herself. She penned her reflections and laid them over a hard hitting beat — to only be reborn. 


London shared a special note to fans and followers last week as she unveiled details of today’s momentous release: 

This record is my first child—the very first song I recorded the day I landed back in LA & discovered I had lost two years’ worth of my ONLY material on my hard drive. Every song I recorded in my entire career was on that disk. I bled my soul on this record. Speak of my journey through this vicious industry. I speak on the horrors of social media notoriety and even my past relationship. God placed his hand on this record because, for the very first time, I made it for me. “

A Lady London x LVTRKEVIN Collaboration Brought To Life 

As the music video opens up, the rising rhymer is taking her mugshot as skits of negative commentary play in the background. Next, the scene quickly switches to London being interrogated and she doesn’t hold back. Dripped in green, she unveils the secrets swept under the industry rug. Portraying herself to be a villain like those she rhymes about. Next, scenes flash back and forth between the interrogation room and her with a gun to a man’s head, rapping about the hardships of a loveless past romance. Furthermore, London is seen in her jail cell going through it before being hauled off in an unmarked car. She pulls off ready to show the world why she’s God and the music game’s favorite. 

Additionally the LVTRKEVIN-visual captures the significance of the record, someone imprisoned and silenced by societal systems and norms. “Never” reveals how it — and the artist behind it — continue to inspire the sound and sentiment of the industry and the well-versed words of London. 

The Aristotle Of Bravado 

Her transparent track comes off the heels of her heavy-hitting single, “Money Over”. Its irresistible Barrington Levy sample pays homage to her West Indian/ Caribbean background. Since its release on April 30th, it has garnered over 570K views and counting while receiving praise from the masses. Without any promo or press campaigns, “Money Over” took on a life of its own after receiving support from Cardi B. 

She is a noun and an adjective: a person, a mood, and a state of being. Along with being an innovator, tastemaker, emerging songwriter, and published author, leaving her distinctive mark on the game. She’s a true pioneer of academia combined with street wit and style. In addition, she commits her works to women who are unconstrained by limitations, as well as men who aren’t discouraged by it.

The story of her voice is the story of a generation and the track proves it to be true. With such an expansive vocabulary and versatility within flows, Lady London is the total package. More so than any other rapper, male or female she continues to pave her own path. She’s one of the slickest rappers ever: Her rhymes are dexterous, spiritual, hilarious, surprising, and more. 

Beauty, Brains & Braggadocious Bars 

Maintaining a NY state of mind, London is a hustler. She backs her street smarts with education. She has a Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine from Howard University and a Master of Science in Global Medicine from the University of Southern California. 

When it comes to writing rhymes, London’s pen game is unmatched. Her artistry embodies Hip-Hop philosophy. Without a doubt, the star is going to do more damage in 2021 as the fire she left burning from her first release is still lit! In her prime, Lady London’s energy, skill, and aesthetic is sure to propel her to the next level. 

Stay tuned here at KAZI Magazine for more on Lady London! For now, be sure to check out the barns new single and music video for “Never”. 

Boss Lady London came through to chop it up with myself and KAZI Magazine about the release of “Never”, the words and artistry of Lady London and what’s next! Don’t miss it, take a look below! 

Who Is Lady London? 

  • You’re one of the rare musicians who manages to stay relevant with listeners through your lyricism, please share with us your story on becoming a recording artist. How long have you been penning rhymes? 

I mean you know, it’s basically like spitting out acapella. And it really took off when it hit like 8.7 million views within its first week so… I know it was crazy! So yeah, that’s pretty much how it all started and then I just kind of like started to do more and more rap videos from there. All over the course of about a year.

  • Ok, perfect! You are dominating music and entertainment as a whole right now. From Social Media to music, you are doing your thing! Can you describe how it feels to be in this cyclone of good fortune that you’re experiencing right now? How are you handling all of it?

Yeah, the pandemic definitely affected me. I feel I need therapy through bro honestly. But I can say it definitely is. It can be overwhelming at times. I think it’s important that I stay organized and more specifically intentional in everything that I do. Just staying detail oriented is a top priority. It was extremely helpful. Just carving out the time throughout the process to take for myself. Because things can get jaded in the industry and mini sabbaticals from time to time, just to remind myself you know, kind of like make sure I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing for myself as well as my artistry.


  • The first time I came across you and your music — you stood out. What do you think your secret weapon is as a lyricist? Personally, what do you think that “thing” is that makes you stand out?

I don’t know if it’s a thing. As much as it’s a feeling that I believe I envoke. I mean, of course it’s weird to try and you know, evaluate how others may view you from the outside looking in. But what I gathered from just, you know, hearing people and what they say in the comments, at least it’s just a sense of relatability and an undisputed sense of authenticity behind my music that makes what I do specifically a bit differently. And I’m just I’m just really happy to be paving my own way in it. So yeah, just just trying to stay apart from the crowd enough to stand out but enough to also kind of like be relatable to them, but like be understood by people by the masses.

  • As a musician, what is it that you want to achieve with your music? Or is music more of an outlet?

I mean, you really answer this for me, right? In that sense. Yes of course, it’s an outlet you know, nearly everything that someone is passionate about, of course begins with the outlet or a means of escape in some way but more than anything, I would just like for my music so resonate so much that it’s able to transcend a generation. You know, those records you hear from like years ago, and like never skip over it because they may bring you back to a specific time in life or just like validate that feeling whatever feeling that maybe that’s really what I want like a mood music, but with every type of mood. Yeah, that would be ideal.

About The Aristotle Of Bravado

  • You also call yourself “The Aristotle of Bravado”.. What influenced that moniker — how did it come about? 

The funny thing is, Aristotle of Bravado is both random and extremely relevant at the same time. So it came about when I was doing this freestyle, to Busta Rhymes “Touch It” on instrumental so at the end of the freestyle I was literally going off the top of my head and I was just saying things that rhymed so I literally was like the Aristotle bravado… thesis with it, right? So when I look back on it, it actually means a lot to me. Um, as you know, like the Aristotle is one of the greatest philosophers.

His teacher was Plato. His teacher was Socrates but if you know that trilogy, they were the greatest philosophers of all time. And that what’s most interesting about Aristotle specifically, is that he’s most known as three things. So the father of logic, the father of rhetoric, or you know, for words, right? And then the father of realism. And I think my style of lyricism completely embodies that. Bravado means bold or confident. And so, you know, me being the, I guess, the pioneer of bold, confident, rhythmical composition. And certainly, I think it all kind of ties together.

  • Your music and lyricism flows like water through a river. Your execution is so powerful yet so effortless. Do you feel more satisfied with your work if it’s something that you feel you’ve created from scratch, or if it’s influenced by something that you love?

No, I feel that. It varies. So sometimes it is a passion project, you know, and then sometimes it just happens in a mood, you know just in the studio. You just kill it. Right? That’s when you get kind of more and more of the fun songs

The Words & Artistry Of Lady London  

  • Is there an MC who influenced your artistry or whose level of excellence you feel that you aspire to reach with your music?

Jay Z. Drake, and Lauryn Hill. They would be my Holy Trilogy.

  • Outside of hip-hop, what other kinds of music do you listen to?

I listen to gospel music all day, like all day. Yeah, I start every morning with my gospel playlist. And then I listen to R&B. I honestly don’t listen to rap as much as people may think that I do. I literally listen to gospel R&B all day.

  • In addition, you’ve been celebrated as a great storyteller in tradition of artists like Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill. What, to you, is the most fundamental aspect of telling a story?

Developing a very clear storyline and ensuring that there is, I guess, a climax within the story that kind of like makes the listener want to know how it ends. I think just Developing a clear storyline, a clear narrative that eventually connects at the end so that everything makes sense. You know, a lot of people start a story and kind of lose you. We’re like, Okay, what happened? I don’t know what happened at the end. You know what I’m saying? So just making sure you know what story you’re trying to tell before you even begin your verse. I think is very, very key.


  • As your career continues to blossom, You are now the boss — the shot caller. How do you manage that? Who or what keeps you on course?

I mean, just my team in general. Also obviously God is the source, right? So first and foremost prayer at all times before and after and during anything that I do. I don’t want nothing that God does not have his hand on. Because anything outside of his will, you must stay outside to keep it and I have no intention on any of that. And so just being around the right people that continue to keep me on a clear path that people are eager and helpful, and really believing in because sometimes my belief even sways and so having people on my team that believe in me more than I do is super, super key. And of course just keeping that organization. I think that’s really just full circle.

  • With history repeating itself, it’s safe to say that female rappers are dominating music right now. Would you say that you are happy with the current state of Hip-Hop?

I think it could be better I think it’s moving towards a shift and that’s that’s kind of more specifically what it is. I think it is moving towards a change like a big change that I don’t know if the if everyone’s prepared for yet. It’s moving in a great direction. And I love the unity that that is being displayed amongst the women now I think that that’s key. That’s very different.

  • A lot of females relate and are really, really, really in love with your music, message and who you are. How does that make you feel — that Lady London has touched so many people?

A loss for words. Sometimes it’s still surreal to me. Truly a blessing.

What’s Next? 

  • We are excited to hear more about your craft and what you’re currently focused on, what’s next for Lady London? 

The EP. I’m getting the records completed and working on more and more visuals. 

  • You are also a global ambassador for Rihanna’s lingerie line, SavagexFenty, what’s that experience like? 

AMAZING! Fenty reached out with the deal and allowed me full creative direction for the shoots. That was big for me. I wanted to represent for smaller women and showcase my creativity. 

  • Next, you have a new single dropping titled “Never”, what can fans expect from this record? 

Full transparency. This is my baby, you can expect real rawness. It’s personal.

  • On your Instagram I saw you post a little insight about your record “Never”, I know myself personally is excited to hear the bird sing — I love the authenticity, grit and rawness to your music. How long did it take to curate and record? Where did the inspiration for the title come from? 

Everything I went through as an artist and in my personal life. From extortion, to label schemes, etc. It didn’t take long at all, I penned down what I was feeling when I touched down in LA and hit the studio. 

  • Thank you so much again for taking time out to chop it up with myself and KAZI Magazine for this dope interview! It was a pleasure speaking with you. I know myself and the fans included are excited for the release of “Never” and to see what’s next.

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