Lace Up Your Shoes & Have a Little Fun With Teej On His Enjoyable New EP

Shot by, Jeffery Chung

Somehow, having the ability to create family-friendly records in Hip-Hop is corny, 2019. Now, don’t get me wrong, some of these guys can get a bit corny — I’m talking to you, KYLE — but, I think I may have a solution. Enter in Las Vegas native, Teej. He’s got enough edge to make him an enigma, yet, as he proves on his new EP, 1080p, when he says the whole family can enjoy, he means the whole family.

Featuring some of Las Vegas’ finest in Asaiah Ziv and Sean Christian, it could’ve been easy for Teej to wrap the short-but-sweet EP around those bookends. Instead, he opts for delivering an inspiring performance, one that shows total progression in his vocal range, lyricism and overall comfortability. On, “Fall”, he shares the tale of a man falling for a woman, but with a twist. On, “Secrets” he croons of a love with conditions, and on, “Rosecrans”, the project’s standout, he brings it right back to his love and her ambitions of making it in the big city.

Overall, 1080p is a wonderful exploration of the tainted mind. By tainted, I mean totally in love and unable to process things logically, our safeplace as humans, for some reason. Check out the project below.

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