LA Producer JDanielz On Healing People Through Music, Unity and Shifting Hiphop Culture

Los Angeles producer, engineer and recording artist JDanielz creates socially conscious hip hop that is relevant, cerebrally charged, and full of good intentions. The artist, who hails explicitly from one of the music meccas we know as Los Angeles, has continued to cement his stance within the music world and amongst the evergrowing digital platforms available to us in 2022.

JDanielz has been making music since he was a young child. Rhyme, rhythm and beats became the outlet for his struggles, catalyzing his creative growth. The artist’s dedication to his craft remains of utmost importance, resulting in a catalogue of bold, well-constructed projects with razor-sharp messages. He pushes against the negative connotations of being average. At its core, he believes rejecting exceptionalism coincides with the freedom to be fully yourself.

According to researchers, the potential power of the healing power of music lyrics in inspiring hope and help-seeking behaviour in young people experiencing suicidal thoughts, especially those who may be hard to reach through traditional messaging, is staggering.

JDanielz adds, “Rap music is one of the most popular music genres in the United States and therefore more likely to reach groups that are not interested in typical sorts of prevention messaging,”

The celebrated record producer is committed to using his platform to foster unity and emit a positive message to those around him. Being conscious of music’s powerful ability on listeners, he’s devoted to ensuring that his work is remembered for its positive impression on people’s lives.

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