L.A’s Amber Ryann Releases Latest Single “Alone”

Following up from a steady string of releases, in 2020, Amber Ryann sets the tone for the new year with the release of her latest track, “Alone.” The rapper, producer, singer, and songwriter pairs her energetic, punk-influenced production with R&B to create her latest single.

Amber Ryann’s genre-bending style comes heavy influences of the alternative scene in the early 2000s. The L.A. native cites the band My Chemical Romance as being the catalyst to her pursuing music.

In addition to the singles release, “Alone” is also with a comes music video. The visual switches between animation and real life and illustrates feelings of isolation. Overall, the video reflects Ryann’s message of dealing with fears of being abandoned.

Stream Amber Ryann’s track “Alone” below!

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