Kyle Dion Delivers Enigmatic New Sound with Two Pop-Tinged Singles + Video “That Don’t Mean A Thing” / “Stressed Out”

Kyle Dion’s new singles are the first we’ve heard following his 2019 debut album ‘SUGA.’  In his latest tacks; That Don’t Mean a Thing and Stressed Out, the soulful crooner steps into a brand new era. On these tracks, he sheds some of his melancholy in favor of more upbeat funk tunes.

His focus track “That Don’t Mean A Thing”, carries an undeniable groove. The enigmatic record is ripe with nostalgia between its 80s synths and bouncing funk bassline. The single was a co-production collab by frequent “Play Too Much” producer and Kyle’s live bassist, Aabo, and Austin Brown of the Alternative R&B trio, Hablot Brown. 

In his second track, “Stressed Out,”  Kyle reflects how he can relate to the current state of the world. Despite all that is going on, he aims to try to look at the bright side: “There’s this thick air of hopelessness, despair and anger that seems to have consumed the world in 2020, but through all of that there’s also empowerment and this sense of closeness as we’re all going through it together.” He explains.

Stream Kyle Dion’s latest tracks below!

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