KWOAT: An Multi-Dexterous Artist Who’s Out of His Bag And Somewhere In His Feelings.

KWOAT is “not that guy from 6 months ago” and his newest project, “Somewhere In My Feelings” proves just that. He turned pain into motivation to get out of his bag with this project and counts his many blessings. “…Expect moods and melodies for everyone’s BBQ cookouts, friend’s graduation party and late-night drives with their day ones,” he said. “They will definitely remember Somewhere In My Feelings when it revisits them.”

On the cutting-edge of maturity, Somewhere In My Feelings reflects on the trials and tribulations that have only made KWOAT wise beyond his years. The album anonymously stomps on record labels, girls and so-called friends who he believed shared common ground with him. According to the rapper, “In My Feelings” was written in reference to a real-life situation. “I was in a rut with this ‘label’ that I feel didn’t do much for me. Like, when I said ‘I’m thinking I should stick to myself/ seeing that I made these hits by myself’… I never wrote while upset. That was the first.”

Sonically, KWOAT self-identifies as an “outer-world hybrid rapper.” To elaborate, he’s far from sticking to the status quo. His sound is a fusion of different genres, with a bounce and never-ending energy to match. Take, “Anytime” or “Gerda”, for instance.   Although both have a variety of sparse 808’s, hi-hats and electronic synths, he throws rock and R&B shifts into the mix. He characterizes it as alternative rap. “My ability to compose a radio song is almost becoming a norm. Don’t get it twisted, I love rap and appreciate a fire bar any day. But writing a catchy jingle that can bully its way into your head to make you sing it everyday is a very enjoyable moment. The cadence of the song depends on the beat that I feel it fits best with,” he shared.

Equally important is KWOAT’s voice. His champagne style and uplifting phrases like “They will try to pick your brain apart but they’ll never see the mind” are. After all, KWOAT says in “GERDA” that he’ll touch a million hearts before he’ll ever touch a million.  Once called the New-New York by a certain DJ — KWOAT went through great lengths to impress his cousin at a young age. Really, his music journey began when he was in 7th grade. “I developed a love for rap when I used to watch my cousin freestyle at the lunchroom tables with the other kids. But I guess what started as my hobby became my habitat.”  he adds “I just took off since.”  KWOAT wouldn’t say that his music is theme-oriented per se, but he does base concepts around quotes. It just so happens that the first lines in his tracks and name are a play on the punctuation as well.  Referring back to Somewhere In My Feelings, KWOAT says he wanted to capture as many emotions as possible while still staying on tempo and concept. For each track, he envisioned neon lights somewhere. Which is why for each video there will be hints of neon. “I didn’t even have a listening session for it. I wanted to go by what I felt people would love as well as what favored myself. I’m glad to see that I wasn’t wrong. Everyone loves it!” Between “GOD” and “GERDA”, being his personal theme songs for the summer, he also says “Rihanna, Come Home” was fun to make. For him, it was all about trying new things and wanting to be more unorthodox with it. “Even by switching up the ending. It all just felt like the right thing to do.” Granted “GERDA” was a twist from a classic kompa song called “Chokola” and also one of his grandmother’s favorite song. His goal was to put together a record where he can incorporate his Haitian side and have it in front of listeners who’ll probably never hear it if given the option. Because KWOAT’s Zo pride runs deep, he did it out of respect for his family. 

For the love of hip-hop, KWOAT believes that there would be many dead bodies if it didn’t exist. When it comes to down to it, hip-hop is bringing together all races. Others don’t give a damn about who’s hanging with who because they like what’s spinning. He even recalls the time he visited France and says their appreciation for the culture is amazing. For any upcoming artist, KWOAT advises being fearless when it comes to supporting another artist. “There’s enough people in the world for us all to have millions of fans. Building good relationships will help save you a lot of time and money.” First and foremost, invest in yourself. Just know he has. Even when the future is unclear, KWOAT hopes wherever he is that he’s happy, laughing and eating a vegan pizza with curly fries on top. 

Ride with the top down and stream out ya stereo, Somewhere In My Feelings now. It’s available on all platforms. 

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