Kwasei La’Flare keeps it honest in new visual

Money. Women. Bars. Drip. There’s no way you can walk away from this visual not understand what New Orleans rapper Kwasei La’Flare is about. “4EVA” finds the Houston-born rapper in a parking lot sitting atop a car, a staircase alone and the crib with his crew. The only constant in this three-minute video is the stack of cash in his hands.

Through clouds of smoke, he boasts about himself and how he knew all he has in life was meant for him. You have to admire that level of confidence and awareness. Kwasei strikes us as the type to focus more on the positives in life. The type of person you’d want in your circle.

His first visual since “I Can Do It” from 2018, he’s evidently taking his time and ensuring he delivers quality each go around. Having enjoyed this track, I hope it’s not too long of a wait for the next one but you’ve got to respect the artist’s process. With NOLA and Houston DNA embedded in him, he’s bound to be great. No rush right?

Check out the “4EVA” visual to get some motivation today.

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