Kuttem Reese Is on the rise

Imagine claiming the name of fame in less than a year. Kuttem Reese did just that! The Orlando rapper used the 2020 pandemic to his advantage. With everyone quarantined and on social media, he started making songs and uploading them. The rest was history! With over 5 million video views and over 1 million streams, Kuttem Reese has built a fan base in just a few short months!

Read the conversation below to learn more about Kuttem Reese!

Kuttem Reese

Vayda Maryse: Coming out the gate with crazy numbers on the board. One of the fastest rising talents coming out of Florida. How are you handling all of the new attention?

Kuttem Reese: It’s quick! I can say that. It’s crazy to have only been rapping a year, everything just flowing so easy, so fast

Vayda Maryse: You just started rapping this year?

Kuttem Reese: May 2021 is going to make it a year.

Vayda Maryse: You’ve built a healthy fan base on Instagram and YouTube in a short 7 months. Are you willing to share what you did to make it happen so fast?

Kuttem Reese: It was the pandemic. It worked out well for me. God had a plan. I started rapping and started posting my songs on the app, Triller. Then I would make a little video and post it on Instagram. It just started going up on Instagram. Rappers kept sharing and re-sharing and building my fanbase. Other artists were reaching out to me, it was crazy!

Vayda Maryse: So was music always a passion or just something you started as a hobby?

Kuttem Reese: I always liked music, but I ain’t think I was going to be doing it. I just woke up one day and heard my dawg rapping, and I said yea I’m about to start doing that. We went to the studio, and that’s just what I been doing.

Vayda Maryse: Tampa Bay Buccaneers played your song “Madden” as their Super Bowl pre-anthem, one of the highest viewed sporting events. And they won the Super Bowl LV on top of that! What kind of impact did that have on your career?

Kuttem Reese: That really made people who didn’t know me, want to know me. Everybody wanted to know who they were listening to. The next day I had NFL players in my DMs like, “Man you hard.” With the blogs posting about it, it all just blew up at the same time. It just seems like it was all meant to be because it’s all doing it on its own. I turned into somebody that quick! Them winning the Superbowl makes it that much better. I built a huge Tampa fan base from that.

Vayda Maryse: You have a mixtape ‘Kutt Dat Boy’ releasing at the end of the month. What collabs can we look forward to on that project?

Kuttem Reese: I got Lil Durk, Chief Keef, Fredo Bang, Bobby Fishscale, and Slimelife Shawty.

Vayda Maryse: Hold on, hold on, hold on. You got Chief Keef on your mixtape?!

Kuttem Reese: Yea! I brought the GOAT back! That’s the crazy part. That’s one of the features I wanted the most. Chief Keef the man fasho.

Kuttem Reese

Vayda Maryse: While watching your videos like ‘Be Here’ and ‘Boston Celtic’ I can’t help but wonder what growing up in Florida was like for you? You being a youthful 19 year old, you clearly know a lot about the streets. How has Florida shaped you into who you are today?

Kuttem Reese: You know Florida, I really don’t know how to explain it. We built different. Every day is something new. You gotta be from Florida to understand.

What kind of person do you want to be as you evolve into your manhood?

Kuttem Reese: The image I’m portraying, that’s cool and all. But, that’s not the goal when it’s all said and done. I aim to achieve the Jay-Z stage. Like, even with the Boston Celtics video, it was cool at the moment, but now if I could re-do it, I wouldn’t have done it like that. But that’s how I was living at the time, so it was a learning lesson for me. At the end of the day, I want all the little boys you see in that video, to grow up and be Somebody. Right now, they see me, and all they know is ‘be like Reese’. I support them. That’s why I appreciate all the features from XXL and all that. It’s helping me clean up my look.

Vayda Maryse: I asked that question with purpose. Watching your videos, I see that you have a lot of passion and much to offer your fans. Stay true! I want them to know your end goal.

Vayda Maryse: What message do you want to send to aspiring artists looking up to you? Not necessarily your fans, but other music artists.

Kuttem Reese: Just be yourself. Don’t believe what these other rappers be talking about half the time. As long as you know what you going to do when things go wrong, you don’t have to prove anything to nobody. Just be you.

Vayda Maryse: After releasing your mixtape, what is to come after that?

Kuttem Reese: I’m doing bigger features, dropping more singles, working with more mainstream artists. I am going to build my name up and elevate my brand. I’m excited about it all.

Check out his latest video for ‘Be Here’ and look forward to his mixtape release:

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