Kush.wav taps Finesse and Kahme.wav for revelatory new single

In some way, shape or form, we are all victims of the ways of this world. We may not intend for it, but we can get caught up in all the glamour and forget out way. For New York City’s Kush.wav, “Materialism” is the next in his set of singles released since January looking inward at the artist as well as his perception of the outside world.

“I’m guilty of materialism, new slaves clouding my vision, hoes wanna take what I’m given, gotta purge, get ’em outta my system.” Though he only handles the hook, it’s more than enough of a foundation for his pals Kahme.wav to kick off his verse, reflecting on all he has and all it’s done. It doesn’t feel as celebratory as it feels vulnerable. Perhaps he’s seeking refuge throughout all the spoils. Finesse hops in with his bright vocals, expressing how he feels like he’s dying in this material world unfit for him. He provides a nice lift sonically, and continues the progression from Kush’s tenor and Kahme’s alto.

All three artists have been very active this year, releasing a slew of singles and visuals. They proudly are leading the brown boy movement in NYC and look to push the envelope as the world is seemingly waiting for the next one up. NAV might have something to say about it though.

Stream “Materialism” below!

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