Krown Vic Spazzes On New Single “Uno Cash”

Krown Vic has been bubbling in the DMV for a little while now. Known for his freestyling skills, the VA MC is looking to raise the ranks of DC area artists. His newest single, “Uno Cash,” further proves that he is ready for the big time. The hard-hitting bass and brazen lyrics create a vibe that will have you instantly missing the club. His performances in Gryphon, Rosebar, and other famed DC clubs helped him build a strong base. Today, he is using the pandemic to take the time to go up another level. He knows hustling has always been his strong suit. Now, he is ready to take that same effort and translate it into music stardom.

krown Vic Cover
Krown Vic “Uno Cash” cover

Elite lyricism is not heralded the way it used to be. Production and good energy are just as important. The way Krown Vic shows his prowess on the new single separates him from the pack. The DMV is known for a specific flow but he has his own. His signature bars are and energy created a lane for his artistry. His growth over the years has been remarkable.

Vic has been on tour with artists including Lil Pump, D Savage, and Joey Fatts. He has also opened for artists including Gucci Mane, 21 Savage, Lil Uzi, and DRAM, further solidifying his performance skills. Outside of performing with some of our industry favorites. His goal is to run up the bag this year and help motivate young urban kids looking to find a way out.

Blast his new hit “Uno Cash” today!

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