Krishi Debut EP Is On The Way!

Krishi who was born and raised in California is excited to announce that he will be dropping an EP titled Through The Fire and Flames. The project features 4-5 songs. This EP will be released the second week of November and will build anticipation for the 12 song album Krishi will be releasing in January 2022. 

Krishi’s interest and desire to be in the music industry goes back to his middle school days, it started out as freestyling with his cousins and writing for another artist. However, it did not take long for Krishi to realize how much he enjoyed making music and how good he was at it. This leads to Krishi starting to make his own music and unlike most artists, all of Krishi’s past projects have composition, production, and engineering by him.

Krishi Is Turning Up Prior To His Big Release 

Krishi really enjoys the whole music-making process but he’s excited for any opportunity to collaborate with other artists/creatives. For instance, Through The Fire and Flames will include songs that feature production by Yung Pear, OuhBoy, and Vitals. This EP also includes features from 2 pretty well-known artists. 

Krishi’s top music inspirations are J Cole, Nav, and JID. Krishi channels their storytelling and meaningful lyrics into his own music. Moreover, he wants to inspire and show current/future artists the power to creatively express themselves. 

Krishi is heavily focusing on his music career at the moment. When he’s not recording or writing you can find him working on his clothing brand ‘Lost Apparel.’ 

Be on the lookout for ‘Through The Fire and Flames’ coming out on all major streaming platforms in November. Lastly, check out @lost_apparel_ on Instagram to support Krishi’s brand and his journey! 

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