King Fed on What It Takes to Build A Flourishing Career

The music industry promises fame and fortune but there is never a promise that these rewards will come without struggle. Almost every successful music artist who is now enjoying the rewards of achieving their dreams within the industry has stories to share about the lessons that they learned the hard way.

Brox-born rap music artist King Fed is a self-made success, his break-out track ‘Well Okay’ climbed the top 40 charts on its release and he’s still riding high on the wave of his successes. But his triumphs within the music industry were hard-earned and fought for. Here he shares the lessons that the music industry taught him the hard way.

King Fed has always had a passion for lyrical creation, it’s a skill that he’s been cultivating since he first started experimenting with poetry in middle school. He developed a talent for weaving words with music, combining them to create something evocative; his own unique sound, a sound that he felt passionate about. It was following this passion that taught him his first hard lesson.

That lesson was that music is an art form but it is also a business. The music industry is built on multi-million-dollar contracts and millionaire-making label deals, and King Fed explains that he learned the hard way that having a passion for music isn’t enough to make it in the industry, you need to view yourself and your music as a precious commodity.

The second lesson that King Fed says the music business taught him the hard way was that as an artist you need to fight for your place within the industry. No one is going to hand you the success you seek, you need to stand up and take it, he says that he learned early in his career that it was up to him to fight for what he wanted.

The third lesson that King Fed shares came to him the hard way is that you need to use your pain to truly become a music artist. Calling on your raw personal experiences is he says, the only real way to become a true and authentic artist. No matter how painful it might be he discovered that to create music that reaches listeners and resonates with them, you have to be completely open and honest.

King Fed’s newest single ‘Burning Bridges’ comes amid what is undoubtedly the biggest period of growth in King Fed’s career. His Spotify has been buzzing with new listeners from across the globe, especially from the United Kingdom. The New York rapper’s newest banger features UK artist Hated 28, and it’s already getting rave reviews. King Fed’s label 5th Dimensional Entertainment described ‘Burning Bridges’ as the perfect blend of New York and UK drill music.

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