KILO PARI7 Shows a Softer Side in Heartfelt Soundtrack

The rapidly rising rap star, KILO PARI7 shows his softer side in his latest heartfelt track that brings whole new energy to the table. The spellbinding song brings us deep into the artist’s mind and shows us he’s not just capable of providing magically melodic bars that make us feel. This heart-wrenching piece entitled “Hectic” is dripped in raw emotion as he talks candidly about the murder of one of his best friends DJTeeb. Not only this but the chaoticness of current affairs from the pandemic to police brutality.

What sets this apart from his other songs is the way he deeply opens up to his audience in an authentic manner. It shows KILO not just as an artist but as a person like me or you, capable of feeling pain and struggle. This results in a song that is highly relatable and hooks us emotionally from start to finish. He hopes to remind people that life is not always positive and there will always be ups and downs along the journey. To never give up on your dreams no matter how difficult things may get.

The song was created by himself with his brother Ghost on production. It started as usual with him providing melodies and his brother crafting a beat around it. This results in a song that’s truly melded together perfectly from the patent production to the magical melodies. Ghost is one of the most talented producers he’s ever worked with and the two have crazy chemistry together – always pushing boundaries and bringing a fresh new evolution to the genre of hip-hop and pop. The visuals only amplify the meaning of the song as they express the artist living through the current chaotic times in raw, vivid detail.

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