Kidd Keo Tags Yay On “Drifting & Burning”

Kidd Keo is one of the most prominent Spanish trap artists to rise to popularity over the past few years. After dropping a slew of singles, he presents his latest musical single and video “Drifting & Burning” which is the second release of his upcoming EP, Rockport 2. Directed by Critical, the song is loaded with electronic sounds, urban rhythms, and unique style. Moreover, this musical blend meshes well with the Yay feature.

Kidd Keo prides himself on being innovating and taking risks with his style. Furthermore, since he has made his own sound, his world also has its own music. His intention is that his current music style is played on the streets of many cities. After creating various ideas, his newest visual shows he is a step above the rest. Keo grabbing Yay is further proof that he is open to sharing the spotlight. Music is in a good place when Kidd Keo decides to drop some new heat.

 Kidd Keo’s music is the result of the incredible versatility, unstoppable creativity, vision, and musicality the artist owns. While fans eagerly wait for new music from the rising star, he continues to bless listeners with new tunes.

Check out “Drifting & Burning” below!

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