Kia Shine Says He Made $1M Off Cardi B’s ‘WAP’ Hit

Put some respect on Kia Shine’s name

Kia Shine might not be a familiar name but Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion are. While it’s widely known that Cardi B and Megan The Stallion broke the internet with their multi-platinum Billboard chart-topping “WAP” hit last year, few are aware how many pockets were lined in the process.

In fact, early 2000’s era rap star Kia Shine recently explained how he put himself in position to secure a one million dollar bag from his work on the 6x-multi-platinum single during his appearance on the Diverse Mentality Podcast. 

While discussing his decision to step away from music into more of an executive roll, the Memphis native says his connection with legendary house music producer DJ Frank Ski, allowed him to set up a seven-figure play with Sony publishing — who needed DJ Frank Ski’s clearance on the infamous “Whores In This House” sample which made “WAP” a household hit.

“I have no problem with, if this season, ‘okay this is a season where I’m going to just be writing for people,” he started off in the video. 

“Yeah and I’m gonna get paid to write for some people. Or I’m gonna make some and write some great songs or produce some songs. Or this may be the season where I’m simply just closing publishing deals I’m gonna I’m gonna consult with a major publisher and I’m going to bring in 15-16 different dealls.”

“I mean and hey you might not know Kia Shine’s getting money over here doing that! You may not know that Kia Shine was the one that brought the “WAP” record to Sony Music publishing. You may not have known that was my deal that I was able to uh close that uh with Frank Ski because Frank Ski owns 50 percent of that record.”

He says his adaptability and humility allowed him to see the value in playing a major role in the publishing and distribution of a record like “WAP” rather than limiting his talents linearly as an artist.

“I went to Frank Ski before any publisher label called because I knew he owned that record so I was able to procure that deal,” Kia continued.

“That was a million-dollar deal you know what I mean so you know and just shout out to Frank Ski yeah but like you know and and my thing is like If I if I would have been like yo I’m Kia Shine the rapper, yeah the hard-head, ‘Yeah I’m not gonna make,’ what are you talking about man? Anything is a sale none won’t you know what I mean? I got to eat what I kill right here so it’s like okay cool if I can connect a dot and collect the light I’ll do that.”

Known for his urban radio hit single “Krispy” which peaked at No. 24 on the Billboard Hot Rap Tracks in 2007, Kia Shine began transitioning behind the scenes in 2009 after the release of his Checkin’ My Fresh EP.

Kia Shine also played a major role in Drake’s namesake hit “Best I Ever Had” which earned him four BMI awards and a Grammy Nomination for his writing contribution to the record — which he also briefly discusses in the clip.

Watch the full interview below.

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