Kfhox: From the Grind to the Grammys

If you’ve been on the live music and/ or hip hop scene in New York over the past 10 years, chances are you’ve run into Kfhox– whether as a performer or a blogger for What’s Hot In Hip Hop. Kfhox is no stranger to the grind and it’s thatwork ethic that made her a familiar face and name around NYC and the tri-state area. Before relocating to Nashville in 2017, you could find Kfhox on any number of stages around NYC or behind the scenes getting an interview with the likes of the late ChinxMaino, and more. Her love of hip hop has been a huge part of her presence on the music scene and, this year, she’s been integrating that love on the other sides of things more than ever as a songwriter and an artist. Her pen game is something that’s kept her consistently releasing music since 2011, along writing blogs for WHIHH, and even authoring and illustrating her own children’s book based on one of her songs. And now, in addition to highlighting hip hop acts and shows via blogging, she’s highlighting her own skills as an MC. Her upcoming single, “Rider,” is dropping on October 15th and demonstrates Kfhox’s love of both hip hop and R&B collectively. A nod to 90’s hip hop collaborations, Kfhox created a nostalgic sound with long time producer, Darin “D-Roc” James, who’s also responsible for her last album, “Love 360°.” A music video for the single will also be dropping this fall, all in preparation for her upcoming fourth studio album entitled, “I Am An Anomaly.” In addition to preparing for her new album, Kfhox is also awaiting news on the upcoming first round ballot of The Grammy Awards©. Kfhox has been a voting memberof The Recording Academy since 2016 and has had at least one song and/ or project up for consideration for The Grammys© every year since- not too shabby, considering she’s remained a completely independent artist for the duration of her career and primarily used fan funding to raise money to produce and release her music for the first 5-6 years. 
Kfhox proves that you can make some serious moves with talent, hustle, and a focus on constantly moving forward. She’s definitely one to watch and listen for in the coming year. For more info on where to catch Kfhox live or stream her music, visit her website,

Photo credit: Jonathan Nixon/ Flash Me Experience 

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