Key Playmaker of Charlotte Kim Wu Releases New Single “The Intro” feat. Charnel Allen

Kim Wu, the self-proclaimed Queen of Queen City (Charlotte) releases her new single “The Intro” featuring Charnel Allen. Serving as the lead single from her upcoming debut album The Chronicles of A Hustler, Kim shows off her lifestyle and lets it be known; her beach is better. Shot in Turks and Caicos, she gives viewers a taste of how she likes to enjoy life.

Although she’s a native of North Carolina, Kim Wu’s natural born hustle instincts come from her roots in Detroit.

“Born in the D, so you know i got that Big Meech in my blood and that Southwest T”

Kim has had her hands in the game for years as a key playmaker in Charlotte and now she’s ready to step into the spotlight as an artist. Known to write poems and short stories as a hobby, Kim Wu transitioning into an artist doesn’t come as a surprise. Her debut project, Chronicles of A Hustler is slated to release in 2022 and will give more insight as to how she not only got her start in the game; but maintained her lifestyle.

Although she’s street-savvy and well respected in every neighborhood; Kim Wu also has not one but two degrees!

“Chased by the bachelors. The one they wanna capture, Cuz i got that street edge and i got my masters”

Best known for her philanthropy work in Charlotte, Kim uses her voice to empower the talented young professionals, entrepreneurs, and “minorities” of all races in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas.

“Giving opportunity’s and always show love”

Check out Kim Wu’s new single and stay connected with her on social media for all new music updates; @metro_proponent

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