Kevin Ross Channels Babyface Energy In 2021

Kevin Ross implores smooth and distinct hyminals in 2021 akin to Babyface in the 80s and the 90s. However, Ross had a feel of a modern R&B wunderkind which makes him his own unique musician. He is the triple threat, Ross produces, writes , and sings at elite levels. At 33 years of age, and a resume that stacks up to legends at his young age, Ross will be around for awhile.

Stemming from Washington D.C., Kevin is up next from the DMV for stars; which procured the likes of stalwarts such as the late Marvin gaye, Ginuwine, Tank, Raheem Devaughn, The Braxton family, and more.

While yes he is GRAMMY nominated and recognized for his talents, it’s crazy to think that he is still night a mainstream name yet. I hope features such as this one changes that. Kevin Ross is way too talented to not be a household name in music in 2021. Ross is a talent of many strengths.

To me one of his biggest superpowers is how well he writes. An issue I have with some music released currently is the lack of substance. For Kevin Ross substance is essence of why his songs hit the ear smoothly. Thus the comparison to Babyface might be pretty accurate by most standards; since he himself is one of the most decorated writers of all time; who also has endless classic records.

Am I saying that Kevin will also thread down a similar career path to Babyface? Nope, he is his own artist but I do wish and can vision success similar to that. Our one on one conversation via Zoom Call gave me insight to why he has found Billboard charting success so far in his young career. (FYI – He is a veteran by current standards but I’m confident he will last for decades so I’ll say young career for now.)

Kevin Ross, potentially the next great R&B maven, is an artist of diversity and effortless singing

Without giving out too much context due to the pending interview release, Ross combines work ethic and talent to procure ingenious music. His latest effort, ‘Drive 2,’ is an example of this and so much more. Throughout his latest LP, which each listen all I thought was “damn this guy smooth.”

Nostalgic and easy to listen, by far ‘Drive 2’ stands among top music releases for 2021. What I like about this album is that Kevin doesn’t force a old-school vibe, it comes naturally and is boosted by modern production. He can really sing and he doesn’t need a producer to accentuate his talent; it only boosts it to bigger heights.

“Drive 2 it’s more of an all-purpose kind of record; meaning, you can wake up in the morning and play it straight  through or you can go to sleep at night and play it straight through. You can play this record at any time, you  know you have those records where you’re like ‘Ah I’ll only play this when I go to the club or when it’s sleepy time  or whatever.’ This project is truly an all-purpose kind of vibe; so I’m very excited for people to take it in just to see  what they think and to see where I’m at. The beauty of music is subjective so everybody’s not going to like it but  for the people who are into it, I just hope that it serves their lifestyle, and they have a couple of songs to add to  the soundtrack of whatever at in life.”

Kevin Ross on the feels of ‘Drive 2.’

Some of favorites from ‘Drive 2’ are “Looking For Love,” “Naturally,” and “WaveRunner.” I can’t wait for our interview to release so everyone reading this can see how dope an artist Kevin Ross is. Until then, check out the album and the visual for “Looking For Love” Below!

Get lost in beautiful musical ecstasy with me with giving his music a play.

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