Kev King is Taking the Hip Hop World by Storm

Luxury cars, expensive accessories, and posh party locations might define someone’s success but never their journey. Instead, what seems to be a dream life for others is the fruit of years of hard work and perseverance. The story of hip-hop artist Kev King is an example here. Today, he is a successful music artist and entrepreneur owning business ventures and two private jets, but there’s more to his story than meets the eye. Kev King is a self-made entrepreneur who has worked hard for all he has today without being served anything on a silver platter.

Kev Kouyoumjian adopted the artist name Kev King to blend in and traverse the hip-hop scene. He has always been passionate about music and wanted to build a solid career off it. He loves hip hop because this genre gives him the freedom to reach his artistic best. Today, Kev King is a sought-after name in the hip-hop space. His refined sense of music and unconventional take on hip hop has helped him stand out in an ever-dynamic and competitive industry.

Unlike most hip-hop artists, Kev King never limited his talent to music. He wanted to explore his natural entrepreneurial skills. By doing this, Kev has built two successful business ventures. First, Kev King founded “World Tech Toys,” a brand reputed for making incredible tech toys. He has worked with Kylie Jenner to promote his brand, “World Tech Toys.” Kev King also owns an energy beverage brand named “Glow,” which is fast becoming increasingly popular among health-conscious people. 

Glow Drink is an award-winning brand that presents an impressive collection of sparkling energy beverages in delicious fruity flavors. Each drink is infused with electrolytes and vitamins. These energy drinks also contain proprietary ingredients that support a healthy mind and body. Glow drinks are all-natural, vegan, and non-GMO. They have minimum calories, are keto-friendly, and are naturally caffeinated. The Amino Acids, Electrolytes, and Minerals in Glow drinks boost antioxidants to remove free radicals. In addition, Glow drinks are completely free from artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners. 

Besides being a popular rapper and a successful entrepreneur, Kev King is also a recognized face in the entertainment world. He owns two private jets, one of which was used to film the breathtaking visuals of the famous music album “Astroworld” by American rapper Travis Scott. Accomplishing all these in his 30s comes with its fair share of challenges. With no one to guide him or help him navigate the industry, Kev King had to figure out things independently. Often, he had to try his hands on things to discover what works and what doesn’t, and most importantly, find a way to survive in the fast-paced and competitive scene.

Today, Kev King is a role model to many. He has several feathers embellished on his hat. While enthralling people with this electrifying music, his Glow drink is also becoming a favorite among health enthusiasts. Throughout his journey, Kev King has focused on working hard and doing things the right way because he knew there was no shortcut to success. Following this principle in life, Kev King wants to continue storming the music industry with his rhythmic raps while scaling up “Glow” to the world’s leading beverage brand in the coming years.

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