Kerstin Keeps R&B Alive With Recent Release

Recently the commercial viability or mainstream relevance of R&B and soul music has come up again on social media. It all started with Diddy asking a simple question on Twitter: “Who Killed R&B?”. To no surprise, the tweet elicited a range of reactions. This eventually led to the Bad Boy Records founder meeting up with R&B luminaries such as Mary J. Blige, Tank, and even Kehlani to talk about the evolution of the genre. While ‘Real R&B’ appeared to be a lost art, there have been fresh faces that have changed that theory. Most recently, raved R&B songstress, Kerstin returns with another example of its revival through recent release! 

Kerstin has spent the last few years blazing her own trail in the indie R&B scene. The Virginia Beach native’s distinct voice has garnered her great recognition for her sizzling singles such as her 2021 “Set It Off”, and her most recent release, “Bring Me Deep”. Those trendy tracks followed up her 2020 Untitled EP which garnered great traction. The popular project features standout single “Eyes” which is stacking streams across all DSPs. In fact, the vibrant VA artist accumulated 1.1 million and counting new fans and followers on Instagram following the drop offs of her sultry and melodic music. In addition to her loving and loyal 24K subscribers on YouTube. She’s stepping out of her shell with her soulful silhouette. 


Kerstin Moves The Masses Through Her Music

Kerstin stepped on the scene as one of the genre’s most notable new voices. She not only has her own distinct style, but she also has musical abilities to back it up. As for her sizzling single “Bring Me Deep” serves as an intergalactic romance joyride. The song perfectly captures her as an artist and brings her brand of soulful R&B to the masses.

Effortlessly emerging, she sets to dazzle and seize the intention, as well as new hearts and ears of listeners with her latest offering. Following up the fresh find, Kerstin is gearing up for the drop of its official visual later this month!

 Additionally, the raved record is set to appear on the arrival of her forthcoming project. Utilizing her own writtens, and production, the highly anticipated visual will be shot and released via her production SWEETWOOD ENTERTAINMENT. Overall, R&B artists from all over the world are contributing to the genre, with Kerstin being the most notable example this year. This melodic sweet voice is a BOSS, consistently making strong starts in the music industry and building her own foundation. Stay tuned here at KAZI Magazine for all things Kerstin! 



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