KenTheMan Presents ‘What’s My Name’

KenTheMan Climbs to the top of the industry on her Rose Gold Stripper Pole with new EP ‘WHAT’S MY NAME’

Houston heavy-hitter, KenTheMan is here to unveil her highly anticipated, What’s My Name? EP. Courtesy of Asylum Records, KenTheMan penned each and every rhyme recorded off the new project including trendy tracks “I’m Perfect” and “Rose Gold Stripper Pole”. The trailblazing album features hard-hitting production from industry super producers: Bigg Cuz, Bankroll Got It, Diego Ave, and Dunk Rock

KenTheMan’s skills as a multifaceted rapper continue to shine through as she continues to hone her distinct sound. This Houston femcee strives to establish a household name for herself. In fact, she’s laying a solid foundation based on versatility, vibrancy, and vitality. From the beginning KenTheMan has been utilizing her voice to push the narrative forward. In third grade, the Texas native demonstrated her writing abilities by winning a school poetry prize. Since, Ken has let her fiery ambition and faith lead her to be in the talks of Houston’s hottest! She went all-in on her craft after adopting her KenTheMan moniker. Additionally, she promised her father that if music didn’t work out, she’d go back to school.

Breaking Onto The Hip-Hop Scene 

Back in 2019, her breakout banger “He Be Like” went viral garnering support and praise from the masses. Many may not know, but she penned that record in her car in between deliveries for Uber and DoorDash. KenTheMan’s brazen, sex-positive song became the first of many within her expansive music catalog. The record racked up millions of listens, driving her career to new heights.

Despite the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, KenTheMan retreated into writing mode, determined to persevere and continue building momentum. As a result, she dropped off her debut EP in August of 2020. 4 Da 304’s is a powerful offering that quickly resonated with fans. It peaked at No.9 on the Apple Hip-Hop Charts and generated over three million streams in its first 24 hours.

Now, she follows up that work of art with a masterpiece! Her dedication and work ethic is unmatched as she balances motherhood and establishing her footing as a rapper with ease. With that being said, the question has to be asked… WHAT’S HER NAME?! KENTHEMAN! 

What’s My Name? — KenTheMan 

The genre-defying femme fatale amplifies her craft with bonafide bars and the lyrical prowess of a seasoned rap veteran. As a result, she’s raising the bar high and climbing up her RGSP with ease! With What’s My Name, KenTheMan presents her best work to date and gives listeners a glimpse into the life of one of Houston’s most radiant voices.

Opening with tracks like “Love Yourself” and “I Wouldn’t Lie,” she blends fracturing hi-hats with booming bass and fierce lyrics, symbolizing the rapper’s narrative as a force to be reckoned with. Next, records like “Onnat” and “My Bad,” showcase her rise to viral success. It provides us with a taste of her hard-hitting flows and raunchy wordplay. To close out the project, her track “About Me” confirms her extreme rarity while also delving into the H-Town rapper’s irresistible personality.

What’s My Name Track-list

1. Love Yourself

2. I Wouldn’t Lie

3. I’m Perfect 

4. Onnat

5. My Bad

6. No Name

7. Rose Gold Stripper Pole

8. WTF

9. Damn Shame

10. About Me

KenTheMan is has no shame in delivering raunchy punchlines as she is crafting melodic narratives. While also engaging with storytelling, tactical metaphors, and infectious hooks. And we are all the way here for it! But first, before you give her new EP a spin, take a look at our dope interview below. We talk everything from the beginning, the state of hip hop, What’s My Name, and more! 

KenTheMan Chops It Up With KAZI’s Minnee 

  • Hey! It’s such a pleasure to have you here at KAZI Magazine. Before we jump into our interview to talk about your upcoming release of your new EP, your artistry, what’s next, and more; please tell us a little more about who KenTheMan is and where it all began! 

“Well I am KenTheMan from Houston Texas. It began in like 2014 I would say, freestyling in a car just with my friends. Not really being able to freestyle at all and then I started getting good. I don’t know what actually like made me go to the studio or start writing it down. But I know that my first freestyle I released was a diss — my “Chiraq” freestyle. “Deserve” was a complete made up story I was just spit-balling I wasn’t even hurt or nothing when I made it. A lot of people think it was like a personal experience but nah it wasn’t it was like a made up story. Well you know you every I feel like every woman can relate to a certain heartbreak but like verbatim the story was just like you know; you can play get back.”

– KenTheMan
  • How would you say being from a musical hub like Houston, TX has influenced your musical style and sound?

“Um, I don’t really feel like I’ve pulled any element from like how and what the Houston sound is you know we’re more that well I guess maybe the like rhythm in my flow I was say because but I don’t rap the fastest. I dig in there kinda gutta and slow lol. I guess it’s my surroundings I just adopted it by default. Yeah, I mean I love Houston music or whatever like our music scene is different from any other scene so it’s cool. Like if you  ever checked out some of the other up and coming artists and stuff from here, none of us sound the same. I would have to say that all of our music is different.” 

– KenTheMan
  • As we know, Houston is known for breeding raw talent and legends when it comes to music. What’s it like being named amongst Houston’s hottest? Is it everything you could’ve imagined?

“ I feel like it’s awesome. Even my dad is super excited and proud. He was like, you know how many people don’t make it out of the studio? But I was like, Man, it’s crazy day like I’ve never met a person that I actually knew that just was like blowing up. Like I’ve never thought. My friends and I were talking about that the other day it was just like, bro, isn’t it kind of weird they’re like No! Do you know?! So I feel like that’s awesome.

It feels like such a success to be like a part of. It’s like you know when you have that one song and it’s like that song. Like “Swag Surf” in the club. And I feel like for Houston, that would be my “He Be Like”. Like, no matter where it heads and where it branches out to us, I’ve literally made a legacy on the city and I just feel like this is an amazing feeling.”

– KenTheMan

The Houston Artistry

  • What’s your creative process like? How do you pen your rhymes and what inspires your freestyles? 

“Well in the studio I started creating only in the studio which I hate because I feel like most of my masterpieces came from me sitting in the car by myself or sitting in my room, a bathroom – somewhere odd you know. So it’s like now I’m in this transition of I like to be involved in creating my beats because I like to be there to be like hell nah don’t add that instrument there that shit weak you know? So now it’s like I create a lot in the studio. I feel like it’s cool because I don’t know if people hear it but it’s like my beats are built off of what I’m saying at the moment. Sometimes things will get taken off and pulled and brought back in the moment. 

For instance, an instrument I tell them like drop this instrument for when I say this so it’s like a lot of my stuff is built on like how I’m delivering. I feel like that’s a pretty cool thing for me to do because it’s like I really like empty beats and I know a lot of people know they’re like I don’t like much going on in my beats because I like to be heard. I like for every bar to be caught because I mean, I’m a real solid person in the studio.

Personally, I don’t like big crowds. I don’t like a bunch of random people in there. I’m so awkward because I’ll be scared like okay I’m at this standard to these people they never heard me do no wack shit and I be spit-balling some wack sh*t sometimes no lie lol. I be having to rework it and I don’t need them like “I don’t know.. I think she might have a writer..” LOL.

– KenTheMan
  • I first came across your freestyle “Deserve” a few years back & I was hooked since. What do you think your secret weapon is as a lyricist?

“I feel like it’s the fact that I’ve never came the same twice. I feel like that’s my secret weapon. I’m always figuring out different cadences that are for that beat alone. You know, how people have flows and that’s their flow right? Me, I feel like I don’t have a flow. I feel as though I flow with what I’m given. Getting in certain pockets with the beat.

I compliment the beat and the beat compliments me. We mesh and that’s what I also enjoy about features too. Well I guess I would say features and freestyles. Because it’s like yeah we know the song but it’s like, I want to see what I could do on it. You know? Knowing that that was their record, their cadence, you know. Now it’s like what is my cadence about it to sound like on it? Also, I feel like a secret weapon that I haven’t done yet a lot is that I can sing really, really well. In fact, I started off in singing groups like a bunch of girl groups.”

– KenTheMan
  • A lot of fans especially us ladies can relate to and love your music, the messages and who you are as an artist. How does that make you feel — that your rhymes touch so many people? 

“Sometimes I be looking around like I cannot believe it. That’s my biggest prize I feel like with creating music. Because it makes people feel better and it’s just things that literally come off the top of my brain. I literally write ALL of my music. if I didn’t make that clear already lol. I feel like I wouldn’t be a rapper if I didn’t write it. It’s the coolest thing. I think it’s the coolest job to have. That you make people feel good by something that you feel good doing. Like I feel good when I’m making music. I’m in the best state of mind when I’m making music.”

– KenTheMan


  • With history repeating itself, it’s safe to say that female rappers are dominating music right now. With that being said, would it be fair to say that you are happy with the current state of Hip-Hop music?

“I feel that I am happy to a certain extent. Because I really miss the Wayne era. I really miss people putting their heart into music. I put my heart into my music. It took me two months to finish “Rose Gold Stripper Pole”. People probably thought because I put one verse and the hooks on there and then I was going to get a feature on it but then we were trying to figure out who we could hear on it. And of course it’s kind of hard to give features in the up and coming world. Like you don’t want to use a bullshit ass feature. You want a quality feature, you know what I’m saying? They start being like okay, we need the second verse on it then. We are going to push the song and then we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

It took me two months to finish that song because it’s like I wanted it to be good. I felt like if asylum felt that this song had the potential that I didn’t even see at the time like I was just like how yall fell in love with a song that isn’t completed yet. I’ve got all of these songs and yall ass fell in love with a song that’s incomplete. I really didn’t want to blow it then because I felt like obviously they see something so I’m gonna give it my all and it took me two months. 

To go back to your question it’s like I will take two months to create something that’s good. I will take my time. My project was done I think in June maybe and it’s not dropping until October because in August I think we were thinking about dropping and it had already been done. I was just like AHHHH I don’t think it’s finished. I just want to be the best possible artist that I can be and to make myself happy first. Because even if it’s not received the way that I want to deliver it, at least I know I put my best foot forward you know what I’m saying? So, I do feel like I wish hip hop was taken more seriously. How it was.

– KenTheMan
  • When speaking catchy bars, personality, style, and sex appeal – you’ve got it. How would you say you balance it all and what advice would you give young girls aspiring to this dream?

“I just feel like a lot of people maybe look to see what works instead of feeling what works within themselves because everybody is different. Like that’s my biggest thing is like I was gonna take my journey and my path the way that I see fit for myself not who else did this and how she did it or how he did it. You know, I’ve always felt if you believe in something in yourself. That’s all I did my whole career. People are always like, what did you do? How did you get your music heard?

I literally didn’t do shit but drop music and  they just started liking it. Staying consistent. Nobody knew me from nowhere when I dropped my first freestyle that I told you about in 2014 nobody expected me to start rapping. So it was just kind of like I just kept dropping in and it was good. I just made sure I dropped music that was good to me. And I just felt like staying consistent.

Staying true to yourself. Believing in yourself. Don’t be scared to take those risks. Don’t be afraid to be the one to show people that it’s okay to take that risk. Because I know I be doing I’ll be doing some risque shit and they’d be like ehhh and I’d be like I’m trying to tell you that that sh*t be working! I feel you set the standard for what you. From jump, I knew I wanted to do music and go tf home.

I knew I didn’t want to be a model and didn’t want to be everything else that this new stigma of female rappers. Just want to rap and go home. Personally, I don’t take unnecessary pictures and they hate me for it but it’s like I want to be represented as a rapper. I feel if you want to be a rapper or if you want to be a model slash rapper you can do all of that. But just make sure it’s what you want to do because that’s what’s gonna work for you. It’s the way you feel for you.”

– KenTheMan

The KenTheMan Effect

  • Through your viral freestyles on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, your brand and fanbase grew greatly, quickly. Did you expect that reaction? Also how else did you build your reach outside of social media? 

“Girl, it was not quick… I’ve been rapping for YEARS! I used to sell CDs and T shirts out of my trunk out of my little Toyota Corolla in 2014 girl until l I sold out. The other day I was wearing one of my first shirts that I made the other day and Melissa was like who is that on your shirt? I was like “ME GIRL! this is my first shirt that I sold out and everything. It was a very very long ride. This is not something that I just woke up and it was like overnight. From 2014 to 2021.

When you seen my song “Deserve” that was literally the first attempt at a single that I ever made. I used to just do a lot of freestyles. It was like my first thing that went viral so I was like oh I’m taking this serious! I quit college and everything because I couldn’t focus and I hated school I always hated it so I was like f— this I’m about to make money being a rapper!”

– KenTheMan
  • Since day one you’ve left your mark on the music scene and have done a lot of pushing the dial on hip-hop and changing the temperature of the music with your work. What do you hope to achieve with your music?

“I’ve always wanted to create music to uplift instead of dwell in our sadness because we have that enough. We are already emotional creatures so I make music to you know – represent the other side like the strength you know the overcoming and all that.”

– KenTheMan

What’s Next?

  • Following up your great ‘4 Da 304s’ 2020 project, your back with ‘What’s My Name’, what inspired your new EP and how would you say the two differ?

Da ho*s, “4 da 304s” is definitely for the ho*s lol. It was for you to get up, get buck, get active, get ratchet ,get lit. Sh*t on ’em you know. It was everything for the boredom of the quarantine I wanted to do something happy for when you did finally start being able to go outside you got your favorite songs already queued up. I feel like What’s my name? Like even with the title I felt like I had something to prove Not to say competitively, not that way. I’m saying that I’m not just a raunchy rapper. I am so many things.

A lot of people will take a certain little thing of yourself and just make you so I just wanted to do something a little different. I wanted to show like I could take it here I could take it there I could take it there. I put some ratchet shit on what’s my name of course because I’m ratchet true to me. But I also put some stuff that was a little more I would say like ridin’ music. A little more arrogant. More than just something to make you want to shake your ass. I wanted people to talk that shit. I wanted people to hear me rap, you know. Instead of just dance to me. Sometimes I feel like your ass is clapping so you can’t hear what I’m saying.”

– KenTheMan
  • As the artist, which track is your personal favorite or what’s a lyrical highlight off the album?

“Like a lyrical highlight… I have two lyrical highlights. I feel like “Love Yourself” and “No Name” are my two lyrical highlights because it is two different sides. Love yourself was a little more personal because I really felt that. That was something that I feel like was a thing for me and a lot of people just act like after they blew up like everybody was down with them. Nah, you got to love yourself that what that was. And then “No Name” I was just like, displaying my bars. So I feel like that and my two favorite, favorite favorite, favorite tracks… Hmm I would say is… I got three really LOL I can’t really pick!

“I Wouldn’t Lie” I might even say “RGSP” because I wouldn’t lie it’s like a ridin’ sound but it’s still funky. Then, “RGSP” of course makes you get up but it’s like not super super raunchy. So I was like I can hear that shit on movies and shows. Then you have “ONNAT”! Straight strip club, straight club, straight put your hands up and twerk! I don’t even see no face all I see is ass in the air lol. It’s just different. Different images of me.”

– KenTheMan
  • Next, I’d like to congratulate you on your upcoming Rolling Loud Coast-to-Coast shows! What are you most excited about?

“I’m excited about the new set. I have some new dance moves that I’m also excited about! I’m excited to like get out the house too and travel. It’s so fun traveling with my team. I have an all girl team so it’s like we have sooo much fun! From my dancers, hairstylist, manager, everyone”

– KenTheMan
  • You are at the top of your game with back to back bangers like “I’m Perfect” and “WTF” to “Secret” and your most recent release “Rose Gold Stripper”, your shows, and now on the heels of your forthcoming 11-track EP titled, What’s My Name. After listening I felt as though I was tapped into your emotions and thoughts, in a great way! So relatable — so clear. All of your music is very personal, is it hard to be so vulnerable for the world utilizing your gift and outlet as a voice? 

It’s not hard for me. I think it’s hard to accept maybe like maybe it’s a little more like you know. “Rolls Gold Stripper Pole”, “WTF” “I’m Perfect” “ONNAT”. What else is on there that I feel like even if something like maybe “Damn Shame” something like that. All of those are things that I feel like it’s easy for people to like. I like where I’m actually talking that shit and you got to listen like you know.

I feel like that is the hard part people don’t want to listen anymore. People want to just get up and go. I really want to stay true to hip hop. This is what I like to talk about. I can’t talk about this I can’t talk about that. But I also, you know, I am a person that likes to talk shit that’s why I’m a rapper. I feel like that’s what might be a little different for me”


The Wrap Up

  • Can you describe how it feels to be in this cyclone of good fortune that you’re experiencing right now? How are you handling all of it?

“Normal. I don’t know I feel regular. My friends be like like you’re weird because like I  just always felt like such a normal person. I don’t feel it. I don’t feel it. Because I’ve been in my career lfor all these years so it kind of just feels day by day. It doesn’t just take me by surprise I feel like because I’ve literally put in every day of my life for it. It’s like I am going with it.”

– KenTheMan
  • Excited to hear more about the music following the EP, what’s next for KenTheMan?

“Actually I was about to send Asylum my next single that I feel like we should drop!”

  • Thank you so much again for taking time out to chop it up with myself and KAZI Magazine for this dope interview! It was a pleasure speaking with you. I know myself and the fans included are excited for the release of What’s My Name? and to see what’s next. But, before we wrap up the interview, are there any words that you’d like to leave with fans? 

I LOVE Y’ALL B*TCHES! Y’all are the reason that I keep getting more heard and more successful and I’m just so grateful it wouldn’t be no me without y’all. Just keep running me up. Keep believing in me because they helped me believe in myself and yeah, my ho*s forever <3.”



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