Kenron Releases First Album “In My Feelings”

Kenron is a dope group willing to let their star shine as bright as possible. It’s special when the passion artists have for their craft comes through in their music, and that comes naturally when the passion is genuine- the force that makes the artists’ world go round. For Ron Roze and Kino, the twin artists that make up rap duo Kenron, that is certainly true. Born and raised in Maryland with an upbringing full of high ups and low downs, the twins are more than familiar with the weight of life’s obstacles, particularly those that might nudge any creative off their path. But that weight wasn’t enough to keep Kenron anything but focused. With 2 albums on the way, including their first project “In My Feelings” and a new visual which is out now, Kenron is only continuing to build.

While the twin rappers just started making music at the end of last year, their passion for music and its power dates back to their childhood. Growing up and jumping between as many as 10 houses, that was the common thread bridging all of their happiest moments
in childhood: music. From watching Michael Jackson with their mother to listening to Tupac, Jeezy, Dipset, and the Lox in the car with their father, music was both a coping mechanism and source of profound joy long before it became the twins’ career, and when they witnessed how emotional his father became when they first started rapping for him, they decided to take it even farther. “[Music] was a way for us bro express ourselves in ways we didn’t know how with conversation,” they recall.

Kenron Is A Group Looking To Join The Highest Ranks

The twins’ music is reminiscent of their Caribbean heritage, love for melodies, their focus on authenticity, and their readiness to acknowledge their imperfections. “We never started off cool in this world. We were like misfits, never really accepted everywhere,” they say. “But one thing we always were was we were true to ourselves… We hope this inspires our fanbase to do the same: to avoid looking for acceptance and truly be yourself”. Authenticity and drive have certainly taken Kenron far. The first men in their family to attend and work towards graduating college, the twins had made a mutual agreement to use their education to obtain the funds necessary to jumpstart their career. “Once we went to college, we started dropping songs on Soundcloud,” they note. 4 years later, 4 months after their graduation, the pair hit 195k streams on their December 2020 song “Getaway”.

Clearly, they haven’t stopped since. Moreover, Kenron continues to work on their craft, perform, grow their audience, and mentor the youth. Furthermore, they emphasize the importance of consistency and perseverance when it comes to seeing progression. As they progress, they aim to eventually both take care of themselves and their family. They even look to give even more back to the community. “Grind now, shine later,” they answer when asked about their life’s motto. “All our lives, we’ve been grinding. We’ve had some fun moments, but we’re still not shining. The shining part is what we’re chasing.”

Kenron first album “In My Feelings” and a new visual are OUT NOW! Check it out below.

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