Keenon Rush jumps in his bag on new single

If you don’t know who Keenon Rush is, that’s perfectly okay. We won’t talk down on you because it’s really only a matter of time. The intellectual socialite out of Atlanta is one of the hardest working independents, dropping song after song and traveling all over the country to increase his following one by one.

Thus, it makes perfect sense the latest of his slew of singles is titled “New Luggage.” Over sharp production by Mike 24k and HQ, Rush shows the pipes are just as great as the bars. The song sounds more like it was written on a spaceship than a flight to Miami or New York. “Mobbin’ in a foreign” he says, and now I’m curious as to what a foreign spaceship looks like.

The track speculates as to everything he feels capable of doing, and everything he’s seen in his journeys. He’s been out here touchin’ road, performing, networking, making money, and solidifying his beliefs that he’s unlike the rest. Where many artists’ tracks can be fully anchored by the manipulation through autotune, Rush’s use feels more appropriate and conducive to the sound he was going for. Not to fit a trend, but simply because it felt right and authentic.

This track follows up “Make A Wish” and “Back To Basics” both released this year, after an active 2018 with album Keen Is Abel powered by “My Party” and “Can’t You Tell.” The visual for “Can’t You Tell” is still racking up views on Elevator’s Youtube Channel, and surely worth the watch as it further proves how creative and charismatic this young artist is.

Pack your bag, book a flight, and check in before throwing “New Luggage” on repeat. Just make sure it’s not over the limit.

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