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Hailing from Union, New Jersey is the latest emerging rap collective, Vibe World Order. The group consists of seven high school friends, now in their 20-somethings. Their roles within the group range from videography, mixing, mastering , DJing, producing and songwriting. Vibe World Order started back in 2015 under a different alias as strictly a rap group. Their former band, Lost World, was short-lived due to conflicting artistic direction. Certain members to wanted to create a well-rounded collective of artists, where a range of talents could shine.

After some housekeeping and finding a new name, Vibe World Order now consists of; brothers, Reg Mason and Comfortable Dude, Almighty Hendrix, Gini, Stijhl, JTT, and Groovy. Since their founding, the group has released a few singles over the years. It wasn’t until  winning battle of the bands and performing at AfroPunk music festival in 2019, that the group went from existing as a concept to officially defining their artistic careers as a unit.

Vibe World Order reaches new milestones in 2020 as the latest signees to Plus One Records. The label also boasts talented acts like  Rejjie Snow and Nate Husser. I spoke with the collective about singing to their current label, their latest single “Cash Talk”, and how they plan on continuing their momentum. 

Introduce yourselves and what you do in the collective.

Ok well I guess i’ll start, my name is Reg, Reg Mason. I guess I rap, sing, engineer, produce, pretty much the whole shtick, uh yeah… that’s me.

 I’ll go next, my name is Gini , I rap, song-write, and I produce, that’s pretty much it for me.

I’m Dante aka Almighty Hendrix. I rap, I sing a little bit, I bring a lil streetness to the group, that’s about it. 

My name is Antonio, Aka Stijhl and I do video and all the art stuff.

I’m Jacob or JTT and I’m a producer, I also rap and sing. 

Im Lez, I produce, engineer, DJ. Comfortable Dude, oh yeah that too. I master all of the music and then I mix the beats.

I’m Jullian. I’m a lyricist, rapper, singer, songwriter, Groovy also.

I’m just curious as to what your creative process is like, filtering through seven different people. Does it take a long time to get everything around to all seven of you guys?

Reg Mason: I think we all focus on one thing at a time. We can get it done pretty fast. Like our work flow is pretty much; We make a lot of our stuff in our own house away from one another so that when we actually do link up, we’re just hanging out. We’re friends before we’re band mates and stuff. So we kind of just get our work done by ourselves and we’ll just send it all in the chat into like one pool. I don’t think we really clash on ideas, everybody’s  pretty civil.

You just signed to Plus One Records, congratulations! What about signing to a record label, particularly Plus One, made it a good fit for you guys?

Stijhl: I think with them specifically, they are all young and creative and want to work with us. They kind of help us out in terms of letting us work how we work. We’re very DIY with a lot of the stuff that we do. They were like look, we’re not here to impose,  we’re just kind of here to take what you guys are doing and then help  reach another level.

One thing I love as a Jersey native is that you guys really rep New Jersey. How important do you feel it is to create a platform where you shout out  Jersey and what you bring to the creative scene?

Reg Mason:  I think it’s pretty natural for me actually. All us being from Jersey, I feel like it’s personally like a wasted opportunity and a waste of potential. We don’t really get that much shine…I always liked the idea of being pretty grounded in where we’re from. I feel like us being from Jersey kind of adds to that attitude and our identity naturally, so it’s pretty important.

Your song ‘Cash Talk’ got  released and was placed on the Colors playlist. How do you feel now that you guys have performed at Afro Punk, signed to a label, and you’re now releasing singles that are gaining a lot of traction?

JTT: I think it’s so weird that all of this started happening during the pandemic because we haven’t seen anything  physical.We  haven’t seen fans, we haven’t done any  super huge shows like AfroPunk, like it feels like all of  the stuff that’s coming toward us is kind of imaginary a little bit.

Reg Mason: I really wish that  we could throw some more shows  or even live stream a little bit. It’s always great  to see the numbers go up because I never thought that we’d ever get to this point anyway.This all new for us, like all this happening at the same time. I just know that our trajectory is going up from here.

Are there any current projects that we could expect from you guys soon?

We’re working on ways to connect with fans through our live streams and merch products which are coming soon. We also have a project coming sometime early 2021- just working on music and creating. Got a couple really special songs that are close to being finished. Songs we think will make some serious noise and show we’re here, and here to stay.

Check out Vibe World Order’s latest video ‘FOSHO’ below!

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