Kazi Approved: Taylor Belle, New York’s Soulful Songtress

Soulful, passionate, and deep. These are the three things that come to mind when I think of rising star Taylor Belle. The 20-year-old songstress is making her mark on New York. It’s fitting that Belle hails from the city that never sleeps, as it’s obvious that her drive never ceases to die down.

If you haven’t heard of Taylor Belle, you’re not going to make that mistake again. She frequently collaborates with singer/rapper Abby Jasmine. In fact, Belle first came on our radar after blowing us away on Jasmine’s single “Relax.” She’s an incredibly versatile artist and it’s clear that she has multiple “Dimensions,” as displayed on her most recent single. The song’s unique vibe and bass-heavy beat coupled with its introspective message leads listeners to dig deeper: look beyond the surface. In a recent discussion with NYLON Magazine, Belle states that “it’s impossible to see someone from a single perspective” and that she wants people to come away feeling “more accepting of themselves and others.” 

Her catalog demonstrates a person who’s highly in touch with both themselves and their artistic process. Her 2017 single, “Another Word” sheds light on the extremes we go to find peace. Here, she talks about the difficulties of being with your own thoughts and how your mind is sometimes the greatest prison. 2018’s “Fucked Up” brought us another side of Taylor Bell, where she effortlessly channeled the pain of a breakup.

Taylor Belle is bringing her unique energy and sophistication to the music industry. She’s performed across the country alongside a number of notable artists such as T Pain. She’s a force to be reckoned with and isn’t going anywhere.

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