Kazi Approved: Sprado, Chicago Artist Grinding his way to the Top

Sprado is a 24-year-old artist from Chicago who is working independently from a label to make his music dreams a reality. His single “Magic” featuring NLE Choppa is a smooth sounding hit. In addition to having a smooth sound, Sprado is able to switch from a melodic style of rapping to straight bars effortlessly.

Spado’s recent project Bases Loaded EP landed on Lyrical Lemonade’s Top 50 Projects of 2019. His sound represents the best coming out of Chicago. Since around 2014, Chicago has been pulling to the forefront of the industry in terms of hit-making artists. Although many recent stars in rap have come from Atlanta, Chicago still has more to offer. Sprado is leading the charge when it comes to new talent out of Chicago.

I recently had the change to speak with Sprado about his come up, influences and his plans for his career:

Isa W.: Can you tell us about your background and how you got into music?

Sprado: I’m From Chicago born and raised. I started music 3 years ago, but when I was around 7 years old my pops used to do music. He used to have a music studio in his basement and I used to sit by the door and listen because he wouldn’t let me in the room. When he was gone I would sneak into the room and rap.

IW: When did you start to take music seriously?

Sprado: 3 years my pops read my notebook. He read my lyrics and everything like that and ever since getting the approval from my pops I’ve been taking music seriously. I’m still independent and I’m working on establishing myself.

IW: How did the feature with NLE Choppa come about? That’s a big feature for an independent artist.

Sprado: I have got a team that consists of my family and friends. I seen Choppa at a show, we was on the same show in Chicago and my team hit him up and he was interested. I’ve also worked with Jerimih, a few local people from Chicago like Chi Hoover. I’m working on a song with London on The Track. I’m just getting started.

IW: Who influences your sound?

Sprado: I get my influence from a lot of people a lot of music. I just try to create it and make my own sound as far as painting pictures. I say drake future, j cole, there’s a lot of people I’m influenced by.

IW: What were your influences for your single “Magic” ?

Sprado: When I made the song it was the same day I dropped Bases Loaded. Me and my friends were all lit. I made “Magic” in the studio at the same time that project dropped, I went word for word with the song of the top. It’s about a girl always being tight with me and me being the best she ever had and everything and how I’m like magic.

IW: Do you have an advice for other independent artists?

Sprado: Never give up continue growing make sure you’re getting better everyday stay consistent and make sure you really love what you doing and youll achieve it. 

We look forward to hearing more hits from Sprado in 2020!

Stream “Magic” Below!

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