ShooterGang Kony: The Rising West-Coast Hitmaker

Sacramento boasts high-profile artists like Mozzy and Stunna Girl, but more recently, ShooterGang Kony has risen into popularity. Following the viral triumph of “Off The Dribble,” Kony proves himself to be a promising act to look out for. The 20-year-old rapper has been in-and-out of jail since a young age, but with music, Kony’s life changed for certain. He released three staple projects in late-2018, subsequently pushing Kony’s global agenda. We recently sat down with the ShooterGang artist to reflect on his latest release and forthcoming works.

Born and raised in Oak Park, Kony was raised by his mother and aunt. His mother was a hardworking woman who worked three jobs and his aunt was a preacher. “My mama was actually laid back ’til I started going to jail. She ain’t even used to make me come inside when it got dark,” he states. “Never would’ve thought I’d be where I am today. My family never showed me that music was a career option. My mama still doesn’t really know who I am in the streets and in music, she just thinks I’m someone that makes money. “

As a child, Kony grew up playing football, that is until it came to grades. ”  I never got to play high school ball because I never went to school. I never knew what I wanted to be.” Wise words from a wise man, but ultimately music grew onto ShooterGang after his last visit to the jailhouse. Having the opportunity to reconnect with old friends, new ideas and a better lifestyle sprouted. “They really stuck it in my head that I was the last hope and that I’m really talented. I knew that, but I also know the life we live doesn’t include longevity. “

Fellow native Mozzy is another respected figure from the community. The two worked together on numerous occasions, “Free Mozzy Twin” and “Location On The Flyer” to name a few. “That’s my big brother. Not just him though, his whole camp. He brought me on tour for the first time,” he tells us. “When you see a nigga doing some shit you only see on the internet…it gives you some motivation when it’s right in front of your face.”

Kony’s 2019 debut album arrived earlier this year. Second Hand Smoke is a 13-track effort with features from Nef the Pharaoh and Sada Baby amongst others. Cuts like “Patron,” “Charlie,” and its sequel strive as fan favorites. The project comprises over songs recorded over the past two years, will Kony molding it flawlessly song by song. “Felt like a relief to speak those thoughts into the album, but also felt like it was necessary to put something out. I felt like people ain’t think I really had gas like that until it dropped.” When asked if he’d make any changes, Kony laughed.

“Off The Dribble” was also on that project. Since its release, the music video sits at nearly a million Youtube views and pays homage to Kony’s big brother, Terryon. “It was my first song where I actually talked about my feelings. I had a problem with opening up.” Heartfelt and crucial if anything, “Off The Dribble” is a staple in Kony’s spectacular catalog.

If his latest release didn’t catch your eyes, wake up! ShooterGang Kony is a rap star bubbling out of Sacramento, but his next moves may turn the rapper into a global mogul. “I’m the hardest gangsta rapper since the beginning of time. Versatility like this can’t go to sleep. Perfection just takes a little longer.”

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