Kazi Approved: Serg Provides a Voice For Connecticut

Having been the home for artists such as John Mayer, Chelsea Cutler, and Rivers Cuomo Connecticut remains an undervalued scene regarding Hip-Hop. Aside from Chris Webby, Felly, and Apathy Connecticut’s Hip-Hop scene hasn’t been as popular despite neighboring New York. With that being said, the artist known as Serg provides a voice for his hometown with his recent releases being “DOA (Dead On Arrival)“, “New Day“, and “Where Were You” (Remix). To learn more about Serg, be sure to read the full Q+A below discussing his career beginnings and plans for what he has in store.

Q: Being born and raised out of Hartford, Connecticut, what was it like for you growing up there with its music scene?

Serg: Connecticut’s music scene is very unappreciated; I grew up listening to the big league artists out of New York, California, and New Orleans. Basically in Connecticut, our artists are known as low-quality underdeveloped artists.

Q: To continue speaking on that, are there any specific artists that inspired you musically?

Serg: Growing up some artists that inspired me were: Big Pun, Master P, Mystikal, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Too Short, Nelly, Biggie, Pac, Eminem. A few more for sure. 

Q: What, how, and when did you get your initial start to pursuit rap as a profession?

Serg: My boys purchased some music recording gear and we would vibe out on beats in the office of their gym. Had no idea what we were doing, but it was fun. And I attempted to record my first song (never released/finished) and I knew I wanted to pursue music.

Q: With that being said, do you plan to incorporate other styles and sounds in your own music?

Serg: I can definitely imagine including other sounds and genres in my music. My music is NOT limited to one sound. My music is a reflection of how I feel as well as who I am. I can give you a hard rap or a little melodic play. Just depends on how I feel.

Q: In your music, you rap over a variety of different genre styles rather than keep a traditional method. Do you look to continually stay everchanging when making music?

Serg: Yes, I look forward to putting however I feel into my music, I refuse to limit myself in an industry that’s always going to grow. I might feel like a sad, country mood… and then I might give you an energetic pop star vibe.

Q: Much of your music expresses personal topics such as heartbreak and hardships. Do you find that using music as an outlet has helped with your previous situation?

Serg: I strongly believe in expressing oneself as well as, speaking things into existence. Using my music has enabled me to release stress and pain so I don’t bottle it up as well as put out in the universe that I will be successful and take care of my family.

Q: On your EP, “Summer On Rocks” it’s much more dancehall and marimba based elements. Can we expect similar projects in the future to be a focus of specific or instead of a variety of genres?

Serg: Definitely expect those kinds of summer projects in the future BUT I also would like to eventually give the people a whole album that gives them who I am outside of the sunshine and that “summer type” theme.

Q: Is there anything that fans and new listeners can expect from you music-wise? Upcoming singles, projects, etc?

Serg: I have a few singles coming out soon: “Take It Slow” and “Like Me”, no projects in the super near future though. I’m looking to give each and every release some love as a SINGLE.

For more news and updates related to Serg, follow him on Instagram: @serg_860


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