Kazi Approved: SAVsound: New Face, New Wave, New Sound.

The next on the list to get the stamp of approval from Kazi Magazine is the music group SAVsound which was formed in 2017, with the artists Boyd, Kaybow, backed up with the production/engineering being done by DJ Dirt.

Their art form is smooth, yet delivers a sense of bounce and euphoric feel too It. Creating an atmosphere that resembles an authentic but the familiar vibe, like they’ve been here before but just telling the story that they live now. The artwork and visuals they provide come off dark and soulful in which why they relate to the people so well, telling stories and painting pictures that most people go through on the daily or witness from a Bird’s eye view. Creativity is obviously something they take pride in.

Coming off the releases of “La Dolce Vita” and “Full Moon” the people are wondering what direction will they go next. They’ve hinted at releasing something new in the summer while performing in Florida and N.C. earlier this month but no date has been set yet.

Check out our in-depth conversation below.

Kazi: Where does your inspiration come from, when writing?

Boyd: My inspiration comes from experiences that I’ve been through and the things that I’ve seen. Through relationships and hardships. Growing up with not a lot of money and having to do more with a lot less. Traveling the world with little to no money just so I can see and live through what others can’t. Hopefully reaching those kids and adults who have been through a lot and letting them know there not the only ones out there. My life sometimes, I feel is like a sacrifice or even a detailed book with an 808 in the background for my listeners or even my family, I was given a gift and had to see outside those four walls in order to present it to the world.

Kaybow: The mood I’m in or the vibe I’m having that day determines the music I’m feeling at the time. as long as I get all of my thoughts out I’m happy with the outcome.

Kazi: Who’s In your top 5?

Boyd: That’s a tough man but Right now it’s probably Frank Ocean. Bon Iver. Kendrick Lamar. The Weeknd And Kanye West. Prince, J.Cole, John Mayer, Drake and Kid Cudi need mentions as well. They all played a major role in my evolution as a songwriter and as an artist.

Kaybow: Drizzy, Aubrey, Drake, Jermaine, and Cole.

Kazi: How long did the album “Full Moon” take too finish?

Boyd: In all, it took about 5-6 months to finish. It was a personal album for me and I wanted the listeners to feel that and be able to relate to it. The artwork itself took 2 months to complete because we do everything in house, so I had to create an artwork that I felt embodied the project and one that was authentic and artful. I went through like 4 bird cages before finding the one that I liked.

Kazi: What was the meaning of the cover art?

Boyd: The cage resembled my mindset and the past situations I had been through. So I left the gate open on the cage to resemble being free and being able to explore, something like being a caged bird and finally being able to live again and truly be free of all the things that had me caged in.

Kazi: Is there a person in your childhood who helped you become who you are today?

Kaybow: Everyone’s family has a role in how everyone is good or bad.

Boyd: Larry Tharpe. My Uncle. Rest in peace Unc, I love ya.

Kazi: Whats a fear you have?

Boyd: We get so lost in the digital aspect we forget what it’s like to be human. 

Kaybow: Fear is entropy or uncertainty and instead of using energy to fear I use energy to believe.

Kazi: What would you music has done for you?

Boyd: Music is almost a religion for me. It’s more than an outlet at this point. It sounds kind of crazy but its a belief in a sense, it gave me hope when I was younger by letting me know that I wasn’t the only one who was going through what I was going through. While also showing me that if I work enough and study enough I can obtain that dream as heroes did. It also educated me in a sense as well, not necessarily with books but just different stories from another perspective. So I guess you can say it has done a lot for me. 

Kaybow: helped on long car rides.

Kazi: Where did Biracial Jesus come from?

Boyd: Lmao man It was a compilation of a lot of things. People take offense though and that shit is cracking me up. 

Kazi: Whats more intriguing, Money or fame?

Boyd: Neither of them intrigue me, to be honest. Money is cool and I guess its more of a necessity then happiness depending on how you get by. The thought of Fame makes my head hurt honestly, Its about the art with me. I wouldn’t even show my face if I didn’t have too. I’ll take the money though to put towards the art and helping others.

Kaybow: Show me the money!

Kazi: Lastly, what is next for SAVsound Please?

Boyd: Nothing but the world my brother.

Kaybow: We about to blow up real soon, just wait on it.

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