KAZI Approved: Florida’s Very Own Bizzy Crook

Florida growing Hip-Hop scene has been on a major come up in these recent years. From the early days of TPain and Plies to Ski Mask the Slump God, Smokepurpp, and XXXTentacion, the southern rap culture has made a major impact on today’s music. With that being said, one of the most underrated to come from there without a doubt is Miami’s, Bizzy Crook. Known for his talents as a lyrical wordsmith and emotional storytelling in his music. Bizzy Crook has made a name for himself as well as working with artists such as Lloyd, Haley Smalls, and Lil Durk. Previously, Bizzy Crook has been featured on XXL Mag, Vibe Magazine, and now with Kazi Mag to talk about his career, music, and personal mental health in a brief Q+A, be sure to scroll below to read the full interview.

Q: Born and raised in Florida, the music scene has been growing immensely with artists such as Kodak Black, Denzel Curry, and Rod Wave. How was it for you personally as a Florida-based artist during its prominence of today’s music scene?

BC: Can’t really be anything but inspired for real.

Q: Apart from the artists listed above, is there any in general that influenced you personally in your career?

BC: Yeah definitely, Hov, Eminem, Drake, Lloyd Banks,  Mase, Kanye, Fab, Pusha T, Jada, Dipset. Tricky Daddy, Ross, all those guys.

Q: With that being said, are there any specific albums that inspired you to pursue a career in music? 

BC: The Chronic, 2001, and The Slim Shady LP. I heard those and instantly knew this is what I wanted to do. I wanted to say shit and make people feel uncomfortable.

Q: Unlike most of the names mentioned earlier, you yourself are an independent artist. Having complete ownership, and distribute through your own company, Good Luck Forever. How do you feel about the independent route compared to having support from a major label?

BC:  I’ve been independent my whole life. I left home at 18 to NY without a dollar or a plan; figuring it out has been my life motto the whole time. I am very well informed on how record deals are structured, recouping, etc. I’ve experienced the things artists are complaining about on a much smaller scale. I just always knew how to hustle, I knew it would take me longer, and I probably wouldn’t have as much money for a while but I was with it.

Q: To further discuss on saying shit and making people feel uncomfortable, In 2018 your project titled, “Before I Jump”  has you rapping from a darker place speaking on depression, suicidal thoughts, and your crippling mental health at the time. In terms of recovery from what you experienced, what inspired you to get through what you were going through?

BC: My daughter first and foremost. She deserved a father, she deserved that love, and shouldn’t have had to grow up without a father because of my fuck ups. Secondly, it was revenge, revenge for all the people who gave up on me in that space. Everyone who left my corner, I wanted to level up without them and I did.

Q: Since then, you’ve moved on from that point in your life, but is there any specific advice you would give to your past and present self? 

BC: Keep going, keep rebelling, keep not listening to anyone. Money is a tool, money is social energy, don’t fear not having it. Grind, invest, spend, make it back, and live life.

Q: Another and your recent project titled, “From Me To You” you rap about fatherhood, heartbreak, and your personal growth. After further recovering from what you’ve been through how has it been for you personally since discussing these topics? 

BC: I feel like I can move on. For a while, the emo thing became my thing I guess, Its what my fans at the time expected from me, and I got trapped in it. That’s not me though. Its nothing cool about depression, and I’m moving on with my life.

Q: In terms of expressing yourself and discussing mental health musically, you’re very open about it through your music. Do you feel that music has been a therapeutic outlet for you in terms of dealing with your personal demons? 

BC: 100%, music is like a whiteboard and I was able to identify my demons. It’s crazy because when writing music, I am not biased against myself. I call myself out on my own shit, I’m not afraid to check myself, and tell the world what a piece of shit I can be at times.

Q: From the success of your music, you’ve earned an XXL’s Freshmen nomination, Billboards “Artist On The Verge”, and a TIDAL’s Discovery segment. Are there any major goals and accomplishments that you look to achieve in your career as an artist one day?

BC: I’m going to be the biggest independent artist in the world.

Q: With that being said, what’s the next move that you have set for yourself in terms of music, business endeavors, etc?

BC: Just keep grinding, keep putting out the best music I can make. Keep growing my fan base, my leverage, my catalog I been ahead of my time. When they finally pay attention to what I’ve been doing they’re gonna be like “oh shit”! No Hard Feelings mixtape still hits to this day. Still very underrated but I just gotta keep working. My music aside, I want to sign artists, I just got into real estate working on my first new construction. I’m just trying to get rich and stay rich lol.

For more info on upcoming releases and to stay updated on Bizzy Crook, be sure to follow him on Instagram & Twitter: @bizzycrook

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