Kazi Approved: Connecticut’s EVILLY JAY

Introducing one of Connecticut’s top prospects in Hip-Hop, EVILLY Jay makes a name for himself with his debut album, “Thru The Storm”. Representing ETF (Evilly The Family), Jay raps about the surrounding success that he looks for his team to have. Rather than just one, he emphasizes the importance that everyone eats and earns rather than deserves. In our Q+A, Jay talks about his musical influences, ETF as a collective, and his collaboration with 4PF’s Dirty Tay. With more to expect and learn from Evilly Jay, be sure to read the full interview below.

Q: To begin, where are you originally from and where are you currently based in?

EJ: Originally from Bridgeport Connecticut, based out of stratford CT

Q: How exactly did you get your start in music? Were there any main influences that initially made you pursue a career as an artist?

EJ: Shows like 106 & Park had a big influence on me and just growing up around a few underground artists. But really, I’ve been working on my craft for so long silently; people around me would pull me to the side and tell me that this is my sound, shoot for it.

Q: With that being, were there any specific artists that you grew up listening to that influenced your sound and style musically

EJ: Growing up I listened to a lot of T.I. and Lil Wayne and I was making music a decade ago influenced by that. I felt like I didn’t fit in, but with all the new sounds coming out like Lil Baby, Toosii, Polo G, and Juice Wrld motivated me to find my own unique sound and that’s the melodic hip hop vibe I want to give.

Q: On your debut album, “Thru The Storm”, you speak on your ambitions and dreams that you have. Are there any main or specific achievements you look to accomplish in life one day?

EJ: I always knew I loved music, even when I left I came back to it but better. I hope one day I can really get a bag to take care of my family and to be able to take my boys to get iced out with some jewelry. But with the extra money, I’d want to give back, to my supporters, communities, help out any way I can. I lost someone close to me that did things to give back to others when she had nothing, I just want to continue that for her, broke or rich. I need to take care of the fam.

Q: Speaking on your debut album, you collaborated with 4PF’s Dirty Tay on your song, “Drip or Drown”. How was it working with him and the process of creating the song?

EJ: Dirty Tay for sure killed it! my team got in contact with them and it worked out for me in the end. The business was business but I hope to work with him and his team again one day.

Q: In regards to collaborations, are there you one day aspire to work within the foreseeable future in terms of producers and artists?

EJ: We have a few artists and producers in mind but right now we’re just in talks. Nothing official yet. 

Q: Your team, ETF (Evilly The Family) has been a major supporting factor in your career, for those who don’t know about it, how would you describe it into detail?

EJ: It’s a TEAM, it’s a FAMILY, they support me just as much as I support them. It’s all love but we do take our work seriously. ETF would be filled with many departments all types of creativity. Just a team that’ll invest and support each other, Merchandise will be a part of it too!

Q: With that being said, as a collective do you plan to in the future release anything specifically project-wise? Or any set plans or upcoming releases that you have prepared individually that can be expected?

EJ: Not as of yet, once the team is fully together we can keep y’all posted. But in a few weeks, I’ll be dropping a single be on the lookout for that!

For more news and upcoming releases from Evilly Jay, be sure to follow him on Instagram @evillyjay. Along with that, be sure to stream “Thru The Storm” on all platforms.

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