BURDIE: The New Sound Of New York

When it comes to New York, one name that stands out amongst many is Burdie. He’s the underdog of a new generation music effortlessly pushing hip-hop forward. Well known for staying true to his core fan base, Burdie is looking to make serious noise for New York with each new release set to drop in the near future. This past month, the emcee made his grand introduction with his newest music video “Speed It Up.” Burdie’s exotic background is very present in his sound, with a mixture of old school and new wave hip-hop he can easily blend his sound to give off a hypnotizing mix that can relate to all.

Furthermore, Burdie hasn’t had much of a big movement like his other competitors. Except he carries the talent that most just don’t seem to be able to grasp. His unique flow and rich background show a side that is different from most. The versatile flow and energy make him easily excite crowds and shake movements throughout all hip-hop fans’ hearts.

The ambition and work ethic that Burdie shows in his music is what the hip-hop industry is missing. Unlike most rappers, the New York rapper showcases more than just a catchy sound but he shows his lyricism in verse. His blend of flows while sticking to his catchy bars allow Burdie to not only transcend, but grow his fan-base in no time. After examining his impressive rap skills and pleasant visual efforts, Burdie is poised to be the next rap star from New York.

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