Blxst Is LA’s R&B MVP

Los Angeles is home to some of the most talented people in the world. Blxst has been putting in the necessary work to place himself amongst the elite. As a rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer, Blxst has cemented himself as a multi-threat talent. He has paid his dues and earned notoriety for his production work and collaborations. The LA creator has made magic with Kendrick Lamar, YG, Mozzy, G Perico, Eric Bellinger, Bino Rideaux, and more.

Blxst x Brandon Hicks

His 2020 solo run has been impressive. Blxst started with the release of his latest single “Overrated,” and his new project No Love Lost. This new EP is an expansive and vibrant collection of music inspired by past relationships and his hometown of LA. Blxst was kind enough to create a four-part cinematic series of videos to bring the project’s overarching narrative to life. I had the opportunity to connect with him to discuss his new project and much more.

Check out our exciting conversation below.

AD: For those who do not know who you are, can you give them a good introduction?

Blxst: I’m an LA representative. My goal is to bring the soul back to music in LA and give it to the world. I want to create quality over quantity. I’m coming for the crown in my city.

AD: Loyalty is significant to you. Give us a breakdown of why loyalty is most important to you in a relationship?

Blxst: I feel like love is an emotion. It comes and goes. Loyalty is an action. You have to stand on what you say and do to prove your loyalty. Love is more so just a feeling you have for somebody. I like to move with integrity and actions.

AD: I’ve had a lot of these conversations you speak about on this project with women before. Is it safe to say that you draw heavily from personal experience?

Blxst: Most of the stories from the project were from personal experience and are situations that I still deal with to this day. It was easy to write this project because these are things that I have been through myself.

AD: You’ve been making waves for a while. What do you want your fans to take from your latest offering?

Blxst: I produce quality. It’s important to me to set a tone and a bar for the standard of music. I produced this full EP, and I am capable of providing this level of music for others. I look forward to working with other artists on their albums.

AD: If you had dinner and could only invite five musicians whose work you enjoy(Dead or Alive), who would those people be?

Blxst: It would for sure be Pharrell, Kanye, Bob Marley, Nate Dogg, and Erykah Badu. They all inspired my sound, and I would love to be in a room with any of them.

AD:  Your tape with Bino was fire, but this one was a bit slower. Was that a conscious decision?

Blxst: Yeah, man. It was a conscious decision. I wanted to go into the R&B space more than what we did on that project. Our fans will hear the similarities, but they will see a different side of me. It was vital for me to share my melodies and the storytelling side.

AD: Who are you listening to right now?

Blxst: I listen to everything, bro. I try to give everyone a fair chance when they drop. Man, I have been on that Roddy Ricch project heavy and been bumping that Pop Smoke when I am in the gym. I draw inspiration from all types of music, to be honest.

AD: You are gifting your fans with a 4 part video series. What story are you hoping to tell?

Blxst: I want to replicate the title No Love Lost in different forms. I want to show the grind, friends falling out. Like, I don’t want to give away too much, but I wanted to touch on all of the different topics from the album.

AD: Do you see changes in the way people treat you as your stock has been growing as an artist?

Blxst: At first, it was happening very slowly. I feel as if after the Sixtape with Bino, things have been moving extremely fast. The respect level has grown so much, and that is what means the most to me.

AD: Do you have any personal goals that you have not reached just yet? What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Blxst: I wanted to drop Sixtape 2 with Bino, but that’s something that we dropped the ball on. Outside of music, I want to become a homeowner. You know them LA home prices are crazy, but that’s something I am speaking into existence.

Follow Blxst on social media and check out his new EP, No Love Lost today. Also, big shout out to Karl Fowlkes for working with all the fire artists.

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