Kay Slice Is A “Breeze” For Hip Hop

This fast-rising multi-hyphenated Rotterdam artist, Kay Slice is keeping his music buzzing in all the right ears. After wrapping up his Take A Slice series, which has amassed over 160K Spotify streams, he continues to prove why he is a force to be reckoned with. 

In fact, catching the attention of Red Bull Music, he was described as an artist to watch this year. Additionally he garnered support from Spotify on their ‘Hype’, ‘SlowMovement’, and ‘Wavy’ playlists. The blessings don’t stop there though. The Hip-Hop Kid with Soul, also had the opportunity to perform for the Dutch Royal Family. 

Staying consistent, Kay Slice is hard at work on his highly anticipated solo debut album, which is set to drop January 2022. With the forthcoming release, the rapper-singer-producer, kicked off the summer with a record to tease his debut. The arrival of his trendy track titled, “Breeze,” set the tone to tease out the album as the first single. 

Penned by Kay herself, Slice collaborated with her long-time collaborator Bora to produce the record. To recreate their unmatched musical chemistry while also providing live guitar and bass arrangements. He also taps Willem T Hart on keys, Peter Somuah on percussion drums, and Charmain Charlemagne on backing vocals. 

Throughout the soulful and infectious rap fusion tribute to his mother, Kay vows to return the favor. He also rhymes about those in our lives who have nurtured and helped us grow, such as our parents and family. When reflecting on her rhymes, the Dutch Ghanaian native says, “the people who provided for me mean the world to me”.

The Inspiration Was A “Breeze”

Kay Slice explains the inspiration behind ‘Breeze’ and how the song came together… 

The song came to me during my recent stay in Ghana. It was like Mama Ghana was talking to me. I came up with the melody and bassline, and from there, it was just a matter of perfecting it with Bora and the band. The song is about giving tribute and honour to our providers, to the people that nurtured and helped us become who we are today. It’s also about that urge I and a lot of people around me have to return the favour and provide for the people that provided for us”.

Kay Slice’s inspiration and passion are expressed within the accompanying “Breeze” music video. Directed by booming Accra-based cinematographer Edward Pappoe, the visuals were shot in Ghana’s Aburi Botanical Gardens. The clip beautifully captures the relationship and connection between a mother and her young son. Featuring the timeless century-old botanical garden, the visual provides the perfect calm yet peacefully vibrant backdrop. As a result, it brings the track and its message to life, which Kay Slice describes as “the perfect fit for this song.”

Kay Slice Brings A “Breeze” Of Fresh Air 

For now, take a look at the captivating “Breeze” music video by Kay Slice. Let us know what you think here at KAZI Magazine


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