Karter K: The Director Behind Some Of Your Favorite Artist’s & Brand’s Visuals

If you’ve been paying attention to the rapid rise of some of the industry’s hottest artists today, then you’ve probably seen a video directed by Texas’ very own, Karter K! In fact, you may have also witnessed some of his work from his projects with Diddy for Ciroc or his collaboration with the creators of Exotic Pop. Whether it’s behind some of the world’s biggest brands to trailblazing talent, Karter K is the man and brains behind the content. Overall, the Houston-native is taking his visuals to new heights!

After making his debut into the industry, the Houston-bred video director has been booked and busy, even following the pandemic. Working with household name brands and heavyweight hitmakers, Karter has amassed a very impressive roster of collaborators. 

In our recent interview with the creative content creator, he discusses the directorial process, his past collaborations, what it’s like to be an avant garde director within the world’s most popular music genre, and more! Finally, take a look below here at KAZI Magazine as we sit down with the driven director! 

Karter K

Karter K: The Interview

Hey Karter K! It’s a pleasure to be speaking with you! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule. Let’s jump into our interview. Please tell fans more about who Karter K is and where it all began…

I’m the Video Director of Houston, TX 

Stepping into your artistry, what is your creative process like? 

My creative process has changed so much since I’ve started. Nowadays when I have complete creative control of a video. Meditation is the first step. This allows God to show me a snapshot of what the content needs to look like for that product, service, or artist. Another step is staying lit during the process. You can always find me having fun on set. And lastly, during the editing process I get fully dressed. Red carpet ready. Look good, feel good, create dope content. These are just a few.

Additionally, who or what inspired you to step into your field? 

This wasn’t my first dream or my second. Before becoming a Director that everyone loves to work with, I had a strong desire to be a Television host.  I had some success being a correspondent for some popular media magazines and TV Networks. But as I was building my personal brand I was unhappy with the content being put out on my behalf. I have always had a vision for what things need to look like in order to grow. So I took my content into my own hands and it led me to owning a production company.

With talents showcased through various lenses, what was the experience like working with heavyweight household brands such as Ciroc and the creators of Exotic Pop? 

I have been blessed to work with some of the industries most popular brands.

My experience with Ciroc was one for the books. It’s New Years Eve and I’m getting ready to go film James Harden’s Party with Young Thug and 21 Savage. I have to be there at 11pm. I got a phone call in the process of getting ready. P.Diddy needs me to create a Ciroc Commercial with Draya so that they can post it for midnight. I could not say no to this opportunity. So I did what any other BOSS would do. Made that shit happen. 

Who knew a 30 minute shoot and a 15 minute edit would be the one to go viral. Millions of views through the night. I loved the pressure so much that it became my tag for all of my videos that night (PRESSURE HAS BEEN APPLIED). And I still made it to Harden’s Party. Exotic Pop was a very dope shoot as well. I love the concept of merging beverages and hip hop. My creative director, Kreated by Kiah , came up with the concept “Fanta girls in the year 2022”. With a hip hop twist we were able to create another viral video

Next, which audience(s) do you seek to target or feel best relate with your content? 

My audience is our culture. Telling our stories, promoting our products, all while creating a lane for other content creators.

The Karter K Craft

In this industry, what are some challenges faced when bringing visions to life? 

Everyone has challenges when creating something. One thing that I learned to get past was trying to make the process perfect. A lot of times creators can get too technical. Just have a great story and be consistent with your pressure.

What is the key to storytelling?

My main ingredient for storytelling is pulling the emotional strings of a person. I can lead you and make you feel exactly how the artist, product, or circumstance is supposed to make you feel through a lens and edit.

Also, what inspired you to be the industry’s go-to director and want to deep dive into directing and production? 

I was motivated to become the industry go to director because I experienced a lack of love in this industry. I took less than what I was owed and gave more than what I was given. I stayed up plenty of sleepless nights and didn’t get credit from the bigger guys. Putting in that work, people began to take  notice of my talents. As I grew my goals began to change. I created a production company with a solid team. We set out a goal to take 80% of the market. And we did just that. I make sure my team gets the love and appreciation that I didn’t. Now I’m the go-to that sets the industry standard.

Next, which project is a personal favor to date and why? 

A project to date that I enjoyed creating would have to be George Floyd’s funeral service. In 2020 our culture was in a very vulnerable place, with protests and riots happening all over the world due to his passing. This was an opportunity to record history and tell the story from our point of view. God Bless his family, and may he Rest In Paradise.

Lastly, staying booked and busy, what’s next for Karter K? 

I will finally begin the process on my first independent film. A movie that I wrote approx 8 years ago. It will include some of your favorite music artists, lots of action, and lessons that anyone can learn from. Super excited!


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