Karine Sho-Time Thornton Is Unlike Any Other

Karine Thornton, popularly known as Sho-time, is making noise for being an upcoming hip-hop artist whi is multi-talented, he reaches new heights in the industry by using other media to his advantage.

As a Bronx native, he developed an interest and appreciation for hip hop music tradition and culture at an early age. He studied in the High School of Art & Design like other hip hop artists, such as Mobb Deep and Young Money recording artist Jae Millz.

Karine founded Sho-timetv in 2010, in which he uploads videos of today’s up-and-coming acts and mainstream artists. Being immensely talented in his craft, he has been featured on many radio stations nationwide and was invited to host and judge countless showcases and concerts across the board.

In establishing himself and his brand, he wanted to use his practical experience in helping rap artists develop their careers in music. Aside from his musical endeavors, he pursued a career in film and television. He shows no signs of slowing down, Sho-time is everywhere when it comes to rap. With various films, television shows, and rap music in the bag, the former battle rapper inspires others in the industry to look for ways to challenge themselves and promote their craft.

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