Karim Lesgoooya Set To Drop A New EP Soon

Having only one mixtape under his name, ‘The Lesgoooya Mixtape’ Karim Lesgoooya has been making waves in the industry as an independent artist. He is also working on releasing his new EP that he is confident will broaden his fan base, for he has put a lot of quality as well as time and energy. 


Karim Lesgoooya is inspired by his fans to create magnificent music relating to his life and his listeners in his craft. ‘The Great Depression,’ album by DMX, the first album he owned, was also a great motivation, and it made him want to be an artist when he was just thirteen. 

In Conclusion

Karim Lesgoooya anticipates creating more extravagant music soon and is working on releasing great hits to his fans soon. To check on his releases and get updated on his way to stardom, check him on his social media platforms @karim.lesgoooya .

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