Kamron Bahani has made waves in his hometown & now he’s starting to make himself known internationally. If you’ve heard of him, the Rockland County, New York artist collaborates with Connecticut lyricist, ANoyd. The two spar with the beat and pummel it to liquid; the dazzling flows and top shelf lyricisms will have rap fans begging for more. Bahani’s new album titled “Melodies 4 The Melancholy” revolves around mental health, social observations & to take life’s problems with a grain of salt. With “cry now, cry later”, we get a sense of cockiness; it seems like the two are having a great time and have great chemistry together. Bahani is an artist that needs to be held in high regard, he doesn’t make music for the convention of what comes with it. “I don’t really care about making it big, I really just like making music and that’s that”. With an artist who has such a strong sense of volition, it’s hard not to keep up with his future endeavors.

You can follow Kamron on Instagram and stay tuned for “Melodies 4 Tha Melancholy”, slated for release on November 4th on all DSP’s.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/2O6eWp66JBLlgEei6SvuVO?si=5Ycqn6nTT3OdG09wSjBc1w

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kamronbahani/

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