Kamau Jahad Releases ‘Fear Of Moving On’ LP

Kamau Jahad is an exciting independent hip-hop artist from the southwest side of Atlanta. His latest project, Fear Of Moving On, showcases a versatility level that is rarely seen from artists at this level of their career. The MTK (May They Know) collective teamed up with Platter Boyz to create a masterful 10 song project. Kamau’s first two singles, “Panic Room” & “Sorry, OK(Sheesh),” served as a perfect warm-up for the new project. His interpersonal lyrics and smooth beats make the listener feel like they are sitting in on an appointment with him and his therapist. His relationships with women, imposter syndrome, and fears of missing out are discussed on the project. Whether you were familiar with the ATL rapper or not before the project, you will be now. The project seems to be his version of a journal.

kamau Back Cover

Kamau Jahad’s Journey!

In 2020, people saw a side of themselves they have never seen before. So much time alone creates more moments than before to think. Kamau seems to have found himself with his latest LP. Tracks like “Overstand” and “ILY2” speak to this new self-realization. The MTK representer’s musical range and ear for beats have separated him from other creatives in the same area.

Mental health is such an important topic for black men in this climate. Jahad tackles these harsh topics head-on. Facing real-life issues like dealing with family, children, and the music industry is a tough balance. His track “Fin Do/Daddy” should sit in the example section under the word “vulnerable” in the dictionary. He’s not afraid to bare it all, and his fans love him for it. His upcoming visuals are co-directed by himself and are amazing, to say the least. Each concept is extremely creative and perfectly captures its lyrics in a cinematic way.

Look out for more from the compassionate, creative, fast-rising star Kamau Jahad soon. For now, check out his latest project, Fear Of Moving On, today!

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