Kalan.FrFr Talks Importance Of Bringing Friends on TwoFr Tour

Kalan.FrFr spoke with Tallie Spencer of Remixd Magazine on the last day of his TwoFR Tour at the sold-out Novo show. Moreover, Kalan.FrFr reflected on the tour coming to an end, highlighted the significance of bringing his friends and family with him on tour, what’s next for him in 2022, and more.

“The fact I’m able to look left and right and see my friends that I grew up with, every night, you know that’s just a whole different experience”

– Kalan.Frfr

Kalan.FrFr had a full-circle moment during his last show of the TwoFR tour, and embracing the opportunity to cherish this experience in his hometown of Los Angeles made it all worth wild. The young hitmaker continued to express that he recognized how he is in the highest position he has ever been in his music career so far and could not be more than appreciative. When asked by Tallie Spencer what word he would describe his overall tour, Kalan.FrFr expressed: “Believe.”

“Believe and keep going, keep trying. “No” doesn’t always mean “no”, “no” just sometimes could mean not right now. Just take your time with it and it might be a different answer the next day”. “Every day is progressive.”

– Kalan.frfr

Lastly, check out the full interview below.

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