Kalan.FrFr Is The New Voice Of RocNation

Kalan.FrFr is nothing like anything you have in your music playlist right now. LA music is thriving with the rise of various talents on the West Coast. Kalan might be the most exciting prospect right now. With melodic rap being at an all-time high, Kalan’s unique tone and style fit right in the fold. The Roc Nation signee’s persona is why many are so sure he will be a star.

From social media to real life, you can tell that Kalan’s primary goal is to grow and keep his team near. Coming from a Division 1 football background, he has always been a team player. His football dreams may not have panned out as he wanted, but now he’s the star in another field. The Southern California rapper/songwriter is being embraced by all his home state’s most prominent figures. Roc Nation felt it was a no-brainer to bring him along to lead the charge in his area.

Kalan.FrFr is known for his infectious personality, clean fade, and creative music. There are not many people who are open to experimenting with their sound. West Coast newcomers like Blxst, Drakeo The Ruler, and Kalan.FrFr are putting on for the area. Kalan spoke to us about his ascension in his area, the deluxe version of his latest LP, and his upcoming tour in our latest interview. His trajectory is looking up, and he couldn’t be any more humble about it.

Kalan.FrFr Is Not Your Average LA Rapper

Kalan.FrFr at TwoFR Day

Truthfully, anytime you meet someone in this space, you never know what to expect. It’s become more accessible and easier to be a fan of music or the person but not always both. Therefore, it was a pleasure to learn that the LA rapper/singer hybrid’s personality is just as good if not better than his music. When asked about the authentic nature, he exclaims, “I rock with everybody you know. All I know how to do is be myself“. This alone is a perfect explanation of him and his music. From his funny tweets and posts going back and forth with friends to his visuals, he’s just human. This shined throughout the entire conversation.

Kalan loves to stay tapped in with the youth from his area. “I love going to visit the homies at their football games. I am out in my neighborhood, and I always hit them up to keep them motivated“. Growing up, he knew how important that type of support was to him, so he was hype to share it with others. Recently, Kalan.FrFr hosted a TwoFr Day Community Giveback to continue to sew into the same community that helped make him a star.

Kalan.FrFr Is Putting On For His Whole City

After being named to the Top 10 of Billboard’s Emerging L.A. Artists for 2021, Kalan has kept his foot on the gas. His latest LP, TwoFr 2, hosts guest features from Lil Durk, BluebucksClan & the impressive 1TakeJay. Kalan.FrFr mentioned that “I really enjoy making music that represents where I am from and what I go through. I experience so many different vibes daily”. The love from his fellow local acts helps keep him going. When asked about him coming out at Def Jam’s Bino Rideaux’s show to perform, he said, “We all support each other. We all want to see each other win, and that’s what it is all about.” Furthermore, the LA rapper made it clear that fans can expect some dope surprises on his forthcoming TwoFr Tour.

On his tour, he will be performing some of his new this like “Scoring,” “Tidal Wave,” and “Look At Me“. Moreover, his fans are in for a treat. Personally, it will be dope to see him perform his heartfelt hit “Never Lose You“. As of late, he released a mini-movie to pair with the cinematic single. When asked about the direction of the visual, he stated, “it was important to me not just to do a normal visual. I wanted to make a movie out of it and show my creativity. C had a dope vision for it, and we were able to bring it to life.”

Kalan.FrFr knows how to create a moment out of his music. His comment section on YouTube is full of comments saying that the Roc Nation artist is grossly underrated. He is nowhere near worried about that because he knows that his upcoming work will change all of that. With a bevy of unforgettable songs and dope collaborations in the tuck, Kalan is hype for the future.

Lastly, stream the extended version of TwoFr 2 and follow him on social media to stay tuned!

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